Star types for faster object creation


Let me choose which types will be shown here when creating object.



There could be star icon for each type here and stared types would be shown when creating object.


If creating many objects of my custom type often, I need to search the type every time. With this, it would be much faster.


When creating all the objects at once, I guess I could go to the type page and create them there, but that is not usable every time - I was creating the objects directly into collection, so that would not help.

It could also just suggest most used/most recent types, but I don’t think that’s better.

I also made another feature request with similar benefits, not same though

Can you please share your pipeline of creation this objects. Especially do you use any set or collection to aggregate this objects? And what is the context of this objects creation: like you doing it via sets or you add it to a certain page or just create a new one via plus button. It will really help us to understand your flow in depth.

This is in relation to creating a new object trough the plus sign (you can see in the first image). Currently the types that are “starred” are always note, page, task, or collection.
They are asking for an ability to choose which types show up there instead of the default ones.

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The use I wanted to use it for was having a collection To Read open and I was adding many items to it by clicking the new object row. I was adding only object of type Book into it, however every time I created it, I needed to scroll/type the type name.

However this is just one use case and I can imagine more of them.

For example if you have custom type Daily Note (or for something else) and you are creating it frequently, there would be less friction for you when creating it.

While writing here, I came up with another way to fix this workflow:

However, that only solves my specific use case so these starred types are still useful.

Well, for the first use use, you’re better off using a set with the type Book. When using a set by book type, it’ll use the book type as the default object when you create a new one trough the set.
I’m also wondering why would you use a collection for managing your to read books, when a set + view is a much much better solution. Doing this with a collection is a lot more cumbersome.

Same thing with the daily note. Create a set by the type, and you can quickly create new ones from there.

Because in To Read collection are also Websites.

You can create a relation of type status or tag called Status or something similar. Then you can create a set by this relation, and then create views for each of your relation options (a view for all things to read soon, a view for all things to read later etc.). Since it’s a set by a relation, it will show all objects that have this relation, and if you then also use this relation to categorize websites too, they will also show up in this set.

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Oh, I did not know I could create a set from relation. I thought it’s only for types. Thank you!

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A quick tip, you can create a set by the object type relation which every object has. Then you can use a filter on the same relation to pick which types you want to show up in the set.

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