Sprint Review (37)

Hey all! :wave:

During the internal sprint review meeting on the 7th of July 2022 the following updates were shared by the Anytype teams about the features they are working on and the bugs they are squashing. The sprints are numbered sequentially, and these notes cover sprint 37.
This information is shared with the Anytype community to have more visibility on what the teams are working on. For none of the items listed below there is a specific (target) release date yet but check out the note about a “Release train policy” under the “Process Improvements” section to learn about the release planning. See this post on an update on communication around Anytype in general.

:exclamation: Please note: as we (the Anytype moderator team) are just getting started to relay the content that is shared within the sprint review meetings, we cannot give a specific timeframe after the meeting in which the content can be shared on the forum. This heavily depends on which mods are able to join the sprint review meeting, how much free time they have available to process the notes into a readable format, and how soon we can get “clearance” from the Anytype team to actually post the content :+1: . I expect subsequent posts won’t all be as lengthy as this one :wink: . Sometimes, the notes will be a bit cryptic as it won’t always be clear how certain information fits in the bigger picture because of a lack of (historical) context for us mods. I hope you have fun reading these posts! :smiley: .

Product Updates

The following platform specific updates were shared by the different dev (sub)teams.


New features :fire:

  • Simple tables :chair:
    Create a simple table with “/table” to create a default table and with “/table4x10” to immediately set the table dimensions). Simple tables are simple tables, so just a bunch of cells stuck together. There currently is no sorting, filtering, headers, etc.
  • Bookmark Sets :bookmark:
    Create a Set of bookmarks. If you create a new bookmark Object from a URL, some details are automatically retrieved from the URL and populated in the Object (icon/logo, title, description)
  • Styling :barber:
    Set custom backgrounds for links in card view

Bug fixes :hammer:

  • Fix for some cases where “searching relations” did not work properly
  • Disable undo/redo button if there are no changes
  • Fix text align in text block
  • Remove done button in navigation bar in Move mode
  • Handle tap on file/image/video/bookmark link
  • Async calls for middleware functions
  • Fix crash on start :melting_face:

Other improvements :+1:

  • Passphrase security :key:
    Your passphrase is now hidden with placeholder instead of blurring (safer, as you can “get back” a passphrase with machine learning even if it is blurred)
  • Add possibility to check / uncheck tasks in grid headers :white_check_mark:


New features :fire:

  • Title Block styling
    You can set a background and text color for Title Blocks
  • Create a new bookmark via set

Bug fixes :hammer:

  • When clicking on bookmark in bookmark set, mobile client should open this bookmark in browser
  • “Hide” icon option should be always available in View Settings for Grid view
  • Grid View header should display / hide object icon in row headers according to the view settings
  • Sort should be unique for a relation
  • Invalid layout in headers containing task checkbox and cover
  • Toast error messages related to Undo / Redo operations should have TOP gravity
  • Default color for text in featured-relations block should be text/secondary, not text/primary
  • Fix colors for red buttons used for warning and orange buttons used as default buttons
  • Fixed a flaky remaining days count issue when deleting account

Other improvements :+1:

  • Passphrase security
    Your passphrase is now hidden with placeholder instead of blurring (safer, as you can “get back” a passphrase with machine learning even if it is blurred)
  • Improved styling of nested callout blocks
    When callout blocks were nested, they lacked a bit of colored space at the bottom of the nested section, so all nested callout blocks would align at the bottom. They are now properly styled like normal nested blocks with a background color, so the child block is fully surrounded by its parent block.


New features :fire:

  • Kanban view
    An initial version of the Kanban view was showed. Features that are already working:
    • Buckets (called “Groups”)
    • Add Objects to a Group
    • Reorder Objects within a Group or between Groups by dragging
    • Other features like adding your own Groups are still being developed
  • Simple tables
    Similar to iOS, a first version of simple tables is developed and showed.
  • Multiple Anytype windows :window:
    From the showcase it was not clear if these are separate instances/processes, but you can open two (and maybe more) Anytype windows to work in different Objects in Anytype
    • Content is synced in real-time between windows (showcased with the same Object open in two different windows)
    • To be investigated: drag-drop from one window to the other
  • Underline text
    You can underline text! See also “Link and Underline decoration” down below.

Anytype Design Updates

Some larger initiatives were shared on how to improve Anytype with refinements on a UI/UX level rather than fixing bugs and implementing completely new features.

Decluttering :file_cabinet:

  • The Library is being reworked to make a distinction between “Installed” Object Types and Object Types from a “Marketplace”

Quick Capture :fast_forward:

  • Improvement of Object creation flow
    Make Object Types more approachable (for example, create Object Type on the fly instead of going to the Library and creating it from there)

Set “table view” mockup for Mobile

  • Lock the first column to make it easier to find the right content in large Sets on mobile

Improvements to the editor (menu’s)

  • Link markup (create link to object)
  • Link and Underline decoration
  • Improved Mention menu
  • Loading view for mobile (placeholders for loading screens on mobile devices)

“Anytype Next”

  • Sidebar with Object properties/relations, linked Objects
  • Focus mode
  • Spaces

Process Improvements

The Anytype team is not just working on getting bugs squashed and new features shipped, but a lot of time and effort is spent on improving how stuff is done.

Release train policy

  • The Anytype team is working on a fixed release schedule (once a month)
  • Releases for all platforms at the same time (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • Synced feature release across platforms (features are released for all platforms in the same release to have feature parity across platforms)

User Community integration (“outreach”)

  • In depth user interviews are held to find out how users are using Anytype
  • Alpha users are regularly asked via a pop-up in Anytype to submit for feedback via online form
    The team is getting a good overview of important feature requests and bugs
  • Integrate forum with dev tools to link bugs and feature requests to the internal development tracker
  • More granular tags in forum are being worked on
  • Voting plugin for new feature requests (and bugs?) is being tested :+1:
  • New moderator is joining the mod team :smiley:

The next sprint review meeting is planned for the 21st of July and updates shared in that meeting will be shared on the forum after the meeting.

Thank you @Flip for also taking notes and sharing those with me. Thanks @Charlotte and @Angelo for taking the time to check these notes.


Can you elaborate on what “Anytype Next” is? And what is considered with spaces?

I’m going to give it a try, but @Charlotte is probably the right person to answer your questions.

Anytype Next: an initiative to brainstorm about the future user interface and working of Anytype, presumably to already start thinking about how “Anytype 2.0” should work and look like to bridge the far future ideas and current state.

Spaces: I think it is a reference to “workspaces” within Anytype as preparation for Anytypes planned “multiplayer” (collaboration) feature.


I’m bubbling with excitement right now. Can’t wait!