Spaces after "@" when creating new objects

Don’t know if this is a bug or just a feature change, but since the newest update (Version: 0.30.0) I can’t use spaces between words when creating a new object quickly using “@” before it. When I hit the space key, the “new object” pop-up disappears. Is that supposed to happen?

@f0ca Thanks for posting! Could you make a screen recording of this happening? It sounds like a bug :wink:

Before this update, the “create object” pop-up stayed after I’ve hit space


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Thanks! I’ve moved your topic to the Bug category.

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It was working like this from the beginning and this is the original intention to close it after the space was entered to not interfere with typing, I think it was a bug that it was not closing and I’ve fixed it in November as I assume by commits.

@Razor Thanks for the background info!

@f0ca maybe we can move this topic back to the feature requests as Razor indicates the current state is how it is intended to work.

Anytype obviously needs to know when you are done with typing the name of your new Object, and when you want to continue writing your text. I would suggest something like:

  1. User starts typing normal text
  2. User types “@” to start inline Object mention
  3. Anytype shows the dropdown menu with recent Objects which allows the user to quickly select any recent Objects using the down arrow and Enter/Return key to confirm (tbd which Objects are most relevant to show. Maybe last created or accessed, most often opened, favorites?). The first option should automatically be selected.
  4. User can continue to type normally
  5. Alternatively, the user starts typing text after the “@”, which filters the dropdown to show relevant Objects only. At the top there should be an option to create a new Object (which is now at the bottom…). Typing a space does not close the menu.
  6. The user either uses the arrow keys to select an existing Object or create a new Object, OR cancels with ESC (this is already possible).

Summarized, I think it will only require the menu not to close when a space is typed to allow the user to type spaces in "@"mentions.

For bonus to let users continue their typing flow:

  1. Automatically select the first/top option in the menu
  2. Show the “create new Object” at the top (meaning: arrow Up to select) > This might be a personal preference, but I rather have this than having the “create new Object” always selected as default)

See this FR for an improved workflow for adding inline relations: