New update is broken or feature removed - creating new note in a note using @


I used to be able to create a new note/object while I’m typing inside a note/object. Now, I can do that only if I don’t use a space in the title. Check how to reproduce section for details…


  1. For example I’m typing something inside an existing note.
  2. Whenever I want to create a new note while inside an existing note, I will just type “@Check this article from” (no quotes) and I will have a pop-up window with the option to create a new object from this.
  3. Now, I will only get that option if I don’t put a space, for example, I will have the option to create a new object if I type “@Checkthisarticlefrom” (no quotes). The moment I put a space between “Check” and “this” the small pop-up window disappears.


Please fix/bring back this feature. We should be able to create a new note/object while typing, and get to it later. This is a real deal breaker


  • OS:
    macOS Ventura 13.1
  • Device:
    MacBook Pro M1 Pro
  • Anytype Version:

BTW, line divider markdown (—) is also not working (dotted divider works) :frowning: who knows what else is broken in this release

:frowning: “/tag” on a new note doesn’t work too. This relation can be added manually through gazillion of clicks.


  • Restarting the app (killed) and my computer - same result
  • Uninstalled the app, fully deleted the working directory, fresh install, and then let it download - same results
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Hi @edwin, thanks for taking the time to write this bug report.

To summarize your post: you can create inline Objects with @-mentions, but only if there is no space in the text after the @?

If so, please check-out this topic as I believe your topic is a duplicate of that discussion:

Spaces after “@” when creating new objects - Bug Reports - Anytype Community

If you agree, we can close your topic and we can continue the discussion in the linked topic.

PS: could you please edit your post and remove the Bug Report instructions and pencil icons? :pencil2:

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Please stick to one bug report to keep things organized :slight_smile:

I think you are experiencing this bug:

I’m not sure if it was ever the case that you could always add a tag this way. The “Tag” relation is just a relation like any other so you can indeed add it to an Object using /relations > + New relation > Tag (indeed, quite some clicks). You can upvote this feature request as it is requesting a simplified way to add (inline) relations (not just for Tags):

I’ve been using it for long @sambouwer that’s why I know it used to work. I used to be able to use /tag to add the Tag relation in a new note/object (granted that it creates its own block inline).

Now what happens is - I need to add Tag relation up top first, then I can use /tag to add a Tag block inline, or I can do what you said which needs gazillion clicks :frowning:

My hunch is - the devs removed the pre-added Tag relation from all objects (no way for me to verify now). May I please request an installer of old version (0.29.x) ? There are so many bugs in this release it broke my workflow.

Bugs that I haven’t put in yet:

  1. Contents in an inline table gets screwed up after typing them (sometimes the space, line space, format, etc disappears)
  2. Applying format on the contents of a Table is hit or miss (like background sometimes don’t work, Shift+Enter doesn’t work; all of these can be replicated)
  3. Sometimes you can (without issue) and sometimes you cannot delete an object within a table
  4. Occasionally, the App quickly refreshes while typing it undo the last edit

Sorry if it’s a wrong place to comment on that, but I would like to be able to link objects with @ using spaces as well. I have many objects with the similar name like “How to …” and it’s very complicated for me link them with @ because I could only type “How” and have to scroll huge list of objects to find what I need which takes a lot of time. Should I create a separate feature request for this?

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could you check whether this FR covers your needs/wishes? If so, you can upvote it so it gets more attention. if not, please create a new feature request :slight_smile:


Hi @edwin sorry for the (super) late reply!

I agree that tagging should not be cumbersome and get in the way of your flow. I think there are already many suggestions for improvements on the forum, and I believe that there is a separate project running at Anytype to overhaul how Tags work within Anytype. @ignatovv is there anything you can say about that? We should update the list of Tag related issues and requests in this topic as you already suggested.

@edwin could you create separate bug reports for the simple table issues you mentioned? I can’t find any existing bug reports that describe your issue(s).

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Thanks, I created a new feature request.


@edwin as a feature request has been created to accommodate for the removed feature (space in title of @ mention) the core of you bug report would be taken care of. Could you create separate bug reports or feature requests for the other topics you mentioned?

This topic will close automatically in 15 days.

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