Several suggestions for functions for a set of "Books"

I would like to offer several functions for organizing books.
To begin with, I would like to ask you to look at my review of my personal library, which I made in Anytype, in order for you to understand better.

Note: I can’t speak English fluently, so I may make mistakes in the text. I’m sorry about that :roll_eyes:. I will make notes with the translation of my sections.
I will make explanations for each photo.


1 photo. I have several sections: Научно-популярные (Non-fiction), Художественные (Fiction), Конспекты (Notes - books for which I made notes), Прочитанные (Read - books that I read), Купить (Buy - books that I want to buy), Высокие оценки (High Marks - books with high ratings that I can recommend to friends).
The name of my sections is not fully displayed.

2 and 3 photo. A more detailed view.
Name, author, category, status - default relationships.
Category - two options (non-fiction, fiction)
Status - 4 options (Bought (Bought, did not start reading), Read (Read), Not read (not read), Reading (Reading, reading at the moment).
Тематика - (Thematic, a more understandable description of the book).
Оценка - (Rating, I give grades from 1 to 5 stars, x - if I haven’t read it yet)
Конспект - (Abstract, I make a note about the completion of the synopsis, ready or not ready).

You may notice that the title and categories are also not fully displayed here.

4 photo. Visual display of books with covers. This makes it easier to navigate through my library.
To display a photo of a book in the “Books” set, you have to upload photos of books to the cover. And it is displayed incorrectly. It stretches and it looks ugly.

5 photo. This is how my books and authors look in my second digital brain. A very large tree grows here.
If the library increases (there will be more authors and books), then there will be confusion.


  1. I propose either to make it possible to manually make the fields in column № 1 wider, or to make the font reduction in automatic mode.
  2. The title of books is very often more than 2 words, which means they will not fit in the “Name” column. I propose to make the font reduction in automatic mode. Point № 1 is also suitable as a solution here.
  3. I propose to make the loading of covers more correct for the set of “Books”. I suggest that the picture is not stretched and loaded in the original size and format.
  4. I suggest making an automatic collection of several books by the author in one icon for the “Books” set (you can make a stack of books visually). For example, the author has more than 5 books, and they are going into one. By clicking on the icon or enlarging the image, you can expand all the books


I suggest making an automatic collection of several books by the author in one icon for the “Books” set (you can make a stack of books visually). For example, the author has more than 5 books, and they are going into one. By clicking on the icon or enlarging the image, you can expand all the books.

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№ 1,2,3,4 in the photo correspond to the proposed functions.This week I will have a call to Zoom with the developers, in which I hope to be able to give a more detailed vision. I want to be useful.

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Hi @Konstantin thanks for posting your feedback in a feature request, you ARE being helpful/useful :smiley: .

To keep the feature requests clear, could you split the topic into separate topics for each specific request? I think you can use your showcase topic to tie them together: you can link in that topic to your feature requests. This helps with tracking the status of each of the separate requests :slight_smile:

Wow. :exploding_head: It’s going to be difficult for me, but I want to try. Teach me @sambouwer . :man_teacher: I have to delete this theme and create 4 for each function? Or can I leave this topic - create a new one - formulate my suggestions in a new topic and make a link to this big topic?

No problem! Let’s first see whether I get your requests/issues right:

  1. A request to show more/all text of the Set View names.

I don’t think there is any feature request for this yet, so definitely one that is useful!

  1. Similar request, but different place: Relation names are not fully displayed

Have you tried resizing the column?


According to this bug report and my own experience this is working fine :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you might want to upvote this request to wrap contents in narrow columns if you don’t want to make the columns wider:

  1. Cover images are always filling the entire width, making lower resolution images look bad.

It is possible to resize and reposition your cover image


According to this bug there are some limitations:

One of those limitations is that you cannot freely reposition and resize. You cannot resize below 100% and you cannot reposition outside the image boundaries. There are many feature requests for cover images, so I kindly ask you to do a search to see if anything matches your needs. If not, file a new feature request :slight_smile:

  1. The graph view is not suitable for a large number of Objects.

Same here: there are many topic on this (too many to list here), so a search on “graph filter” should do.

I’ve tried to capture your requests and posted some existing feature requests and bug reports that are relevant.

It might be best to delete this topic (or rewrite it to a specific feature request) and link to your (new) feature requests from the My personal library topic in the General Discussion / Showcase category.

Does that help?

  1. Yes, you have described everything correctly. I have never seen such a function request anywhere.
  2. You are not quite right here. I can adjust the width of the sections “name”, “author”, “category” and so on, but I cannot adjust the width of the sections Popular Science (Научно-поп…), Read (Прочитанны…) and so on.
  3. I suggested a function for a Set of books - a unique display of covers.
  4. This is hot topic. I understand that this is still difficult to solve. I suggested a function for a Set of books - ordering and collecting a large number of books by the author in one icon, in one file (I can’t name this step correctly).

I express my gratitude to you in advance for responding and helping me. :handshake:

I have given you some explanations. What are my next steps? @sambouwer

Great! Could you create a new feature request for this one specifically?

That is interesting! That sounds like a bug to me. Could you try to get a video recording of that behavior and post it in a bug report?

Yep, you are right! And I think that suggestion deserves to be posted in its own feature request :slight_smile:

Re-reading your suggestion for this: I don’t think there is a feature request yet for grouping Objects in the graph view, so I would be very happy to see such a feature implemented by the team! Could you write a separate feature request for that?

You made some great suggestions! Splitting them into separate feature requests increases the chance of being picked up and seen by the devs (instead of a very long post they would see a clear and concise request), and it makes it possible to track the status of the requests individually.

Then I will now start writing and publishing a topic with a request for functions.
Do I need to make links to this big topic in each topic? Or is it not worth doing this?

You don’t actually have to upload the photo of the book to the cover for it to be displayed as the thumbnail in the set of Books. A gallery view can use any attachment relation as its cover, therefore, you can create a new relation called “Thumbnail” of type attachment to the Book type and upload your image to that relation and use it as the cover for your set instead. This way, you can either leave the cover image to be blank or can use a different image for the cover

I tried your method, but it didn’t work. Maybe I misunderstood you? :thinking:

Thanks Kostiya, we will incorporate your feedback on the next iteration of polishing of sets :slightly_smiling_face:

The correct name is “Kostya” :grinning:.
Okay, I’ll be waiting