Cover position cannot be properly adjusted


The Bug
When cover images are added to objects or sets, they cannot properly be adjusted in every direction: they can be positioned upward and to the left without issue, however attempting to position them downward or to the right, results in incorrect boundaries causing the user to be unable to move the cover image to its edges — the severity of which increases or decreases, depending on the image’s zoom amount.

The video below showcases the issue:

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open an object or set
  2. Upload a cover image
  3. Attempt to adjust the cover image, positioning it further down or to the right.
    You will be unable to reach/show the [bottom and right] edges of the image.

Expected Behavior
It is expected that the user would be able to reposition the cover, so that it may show any part of the original image.

System Information
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.19042)
Anytype Version 0.22.3

Additional Context
As far as I can tell, this bug was only introduced after updating to version 0.22.0.

Thank you for reading, hope you have an amazing day (and happy holidays)!

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@sahilstudio Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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@sahilstudio I cannot reproduce this on 0.28.0. Could you check?

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Fixed in 0.28.0! Thank you!