[Planned] Anytype Desktop next release

Currently planned for 1-AUG-2022

Update: see here.


Can you already tell us what new features we can be excited about?


There is a sprint review meeting today Thursday and we aim to post the notes on Friday. So far we (mods) have been able to post our notes in full, but we always want to check with the Anytype team whether there is anything in the notes that is not yet ready to be shared with a larger audience :wink:
Apart from that it takes a bit to structure and format the notes to be readable and understandable for anyone else than the author :sweat_smile:

Edit: isn’t it almost weekend already? :thinking:


I’m really looking forward to this update. I want to introduce the promised functions. Everything is already ready so that I can work with the functions described in the Sprint Review

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I would really like to know whether simple tables (if coming in the next release) will be exportable in the extended markdown format (meaning will it be seen as a table in markdown or some other form)?

If anyone is curious about how Simple Tables will function (most likely coming in the mentioned next release), you can check out this Tweet:

From the video, it looks like simple tables are resizable, can have custom background colors, and looks fairly polished.


Do you happen to know whether a simple table cell can contain an object (mention of a page) or is it just plain text?

I believe it is just plain text for now! (so, like, really simple tables :wink: )

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Math calculations and formulas arent even confirmed requests? why so? this is such an important feature, only reason i still use notion is becoz of the databases and i really wanna shift entirely to anytype, but mention of database even for consideration is nowhere to be seen

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Features are coming step by step and if enough users would like to see them.

mentions will be very much welcome :slight_smile:


weird how many people dont find the need of math calculations in sets, coz it acts like a database but really aint getting a lot outa it coz of absence of calculations

Thanks for the input. We do understand that databases are a much desired feature, and that they are also something unique from both sets and tables. First our team needs to complete a bit of validation on which database functions are the most desired and why - is it just formulas? Or pivots and charts and…? How in general do people wish to manage multiple Objects in one view? And when considering database functionalities, at what point do we draw the line between productivity/knowledge management tool versus data management tool? (I’m not questioning the eventual necessity of formulas as I want to use them as well - just wanted to share what some of the internal discourse looks like when we consider various features. This kind of deliberation does come at a time cost, but we do so to try to maintain a level of product coherence.)

Second stage will be a bit of decision-making on where to contain these functions. Sets would seem like the more natural choice here (compared with Tables), however this would likely only come in the next iteration of Sets when we would add more flexibility.

TLDR: Rest assured that formulas are taken into account - once we have a better idea of where and how to fit them into the roadmap, we will confirm on dates :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response! Glad its atleast considered, i know that anytypes take on databse is gonna be different as from what i have heard, but wasnt included in the confirmed feature requests, thus i was skeptical, confirmed feature requests i guess probably takes into account the features that are gonna be more or less features that would be released in aplha releases and would be in the public release of which the ETA has been given as 6 months, so according to yalls take on databases, i see it would be difficult for yall to include just temporary simple sum and average of values like formulas to sets as of now as yall are gonna change a bit of stuffs in sets as wel… Best wishes to yall, hope for a quality product :smiley:

@Charlotte Will it be possible to copy and paste tables from anytype into Word? Afaik this works with Notion.

they can contain markup with mentions and links


it is possible already

Cool, even while retaining the table structure? That‘s awesome .

The sprint notes should be posted today, if I’m reading this right?

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That’s the plan. We are waiting for some last info from the team before the notes go public.