[Planned] Anytype Desktop next release

But when I read the sprint review 37 it says that the features in these sprint reviews have NO specific time of release. Meaning kanban view is not promised for the release aimed a august 1.

This this comment makes me believe that everything in the sprint review IS coming in the release of august 1 (incl. kanban view, simple tables, underline text and multiple windows).

Hi @Jeroen thanks for mentioning this! In sprint review 37 a lot of cool stuff was shared and demoed without a target release date, but in sprint review 38 just the stuff that is about to be released with the 1-Aug release was presented. This might have had the unwanted effect that it is no longer clear for the reader what information is relevant for which moment/release.

I will need to reread the sprint review notes to make sure it is clear what is and what is not to be expected based on the sprint review meeting notes.

Thanks for the reply!

It can also have an unwanted effect that people see these sprint reviews as promises for next release and be disappointed that the stuff from a sprint review isn’t in the next release.

I really like the more open appraoch when it comes to these sprint reviews and other topics in the last few days/weeks but it can be a bit unclear what is going to be in the next release.

But I don’t really have a solution how to fix that hehe.

It’s also part of human nature to wish for the most (see game development of alpha games that face the same challenges as Anytype when it comes to releases and communication).


@Jeroen I appreciate the feedback and I indeed, a sudden move towards much more transparency could be mistaken for lots of promises instead of just sharing the current state of affairs. It should help to explicitly mention how people should take the information shared in these topics or any topic for that matter.

Again, I’m happy you took the time to share your thoughts on this, as I wouldn’t have known this was a side effect of sharing these meeting notes!

Edit: @Jeroen does the text added in the “Note” paragraph cover your concern(s)? For subsequent sprint review meeting notes I’m planning on a shortened version of that paragraph :wink:

Sprint Review (38) - News & Announcements / Road Map - Anytype Community


I think it does yes. :+1:

A short version could be:
Please take note, these are not the release notes for next update. For the next release notes check [link to topic’]

In the next release notes topic there could be a disclaimer saying these notes are subject to change or something simular.