Open Source Release Date?

Alpha user here. When is the code for this project going to be open-sourced? Anytype has enormous potential, and seems to have gotten to the point where keeping the source code private isn’t doing the project any favors. In fact, I would imagine it is hurting it/slowing it down relative to what it could be.

Also, when is the plugin API going to be released? Was supposed to be this summer if I recall correctly from my onboarding meeting.


You might be interested in reading this Telegram post from Anton - this paragraph details both why the API hasn’t been released yet and why Anytype hasn’t been open-sourced yet.

When will we open our API?
We had a plan to open our API and the protocol in 1Q22, however we’ve moved this to the public release date due to architectural transformations. We just don’t want you to give the code which will be incompatible with future versions of anytype. This is the same reason why it’s not open sourced yet.

You can read the full Telegram message at Telegram: Contact @anytype. It’s quite a long and detailed read - I definitely recommend it.

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Thanks for sharing that.

On one hand I understand that having multiple channels (Discord, Telegram and Forum) might be beneficial. On the other hand it is frustrating for people like me, who barely has time to keep up with one channel (the Forum) and is unable to participate in the others as well.

I wish at least significant announcements (like the one you just shared) and conversations (such as Town Hall Q&A and recording sharing) would happen here as well.


@qualquertipo I personally agree and would favor the forum (for topics AND chat even though the chat is very basic) over most other platforms.

However, many people prefer the accessibility of platforms like Telegram and Discord. Therefore, I think all other platforms should be left intact for (alpha) users to communicate. IMO, the forum should be used as the single platform for communication towards the community.

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Yeah, not much needs to change actually. I’d be happy with a sticky post in the forum called “Highlights from Telegram and Discord”, where mods/devs (or any user really) could repost anything relevant happening there.

As I mentioned, to me this would include all relevant content coming from (or including) the team, such as town hall recordings, and any significant message or announcement from the team (such as the one shared by @edwards above), especially when they include plans, dates etc.

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I also agree! Efforts have been made in the past to migrate and continue conversations from Telegram or Discord into the forums with some success, I think if we were more proactive in doing this the momentum in the dialogue would build up organically. We also shouldn’t let all those glänzey nuggets from the peripheral channels get buried. It would be worthwhile project to excavate and archive some of them.

True, but there are a number of Community members that don’t engage at all in Telegram or Discord, so I feel confident that if we opened up the Live chat here, folks would use it. I’m pretty much ready to do that ASAP.


If it’s already ready to be used, why aren’t any public chat’s being created?

Just opening one chat to test it out a bit, could be a good idea.

Personally, I’d prefer it if everything was bridged trough matrix. I think I even saw a discourse bridge recently.


I feel your pain. The main reason it hasn’t been opened is because it’s super bare-bones and our team hasn’t gotten around to designing it :pleading_face:

It’s been suggested before…but bridge it where for example?

I think you can only bridge stuff to matrix, not to other providers trough matrix. So, I guess you could use the Anytype space that’s already there on matrix?

Although, this isn’t that big of a priority if we’re getting the chat function here on Discourse.


I also agree the forum should be primary. Discord and other chat apps just scroll too fast to keep pertinent information easily available. It’s all a garbled mess.