Why is the code not open source at the moment?

Just curious. Downloaded it yesterday and am a huge fan of OSS.

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there have been a few posts on this topic, here are a few:

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As far as i understand it, given they are still in an Alpha stage they won’t be making it open source. It ‘MIGHT’ be made open source once it goes into public release, but even then - not sure.


I’ve read that this is the plan!
Beta might be delayed, but once it’s released, it will be open.

Hi all,
the code is indeed planned to be open source once AnyType will be released to the public.
Details are already available in this post:

and in particular, here:

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Note that in the most recent town hall they said that it was very important to open the source. And if I remember correctly they said that would happen with Open Beta in April.