Knowledge Management and Information Collection (Organize, Distill, Express) (Update)

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here is a preview on KM System.


  • Organize and Distill (12.07.2023)
  • Express (Product Templates on 19.07.2023)

CODER Concept : Organize, Distill, Express


Every Object (e.g. Document, Bookmark, Note, Book or page) relates to the same principles.
Those Objects are tagged with the same systematic approach:

broad topic area


Overview Wiki Page

The wiki pages have an inline set which queries pages with the type: index
That way I have dynamic overview over those.

so far I cannot group the same broader topics, therefore I need to do sort differently. In the next steps I will revamp those index pages with the same template.
Including inline sets which query for the specific tag.


I have a type called “product” which concludes every thing I create for others.
Since I give a lot of trainings and keynotes I have my “product” template prepared for my needs.

The product page (template) is my go-to page for everything in relation with that that job. Therefore, I use it for Research, development and organization of the information.

Short overview


Simple Toggle with notes etc.


Kind of the most important part for me. It is the raw collection of every “information” I find or have on that topic. Thus, there are several different incomings:

  • Types I want to pin
  • Link - Dump: Every link I find gets dumped in here.
  • AnySearch: Filter that reduces that outcome on a given tag. Every type will be shown.
  • Last but no least: external search results. I have a DevonThink database with I fill up constantly. Any results on my search go into that toggle.

Next steps:

  • Import & sort / tag everything
  • Multiple Product templates
  • Wiki Pages
  • Information Discovery
  • Teaching: How to organize and distill your types for course planning and documentation

More on my system soon.

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