Is there a way to have diary entry show today's date in title automatically?

In the video about doing a daily journal, one can see Charlotte manually setting the date for every entry.
But as the type is already a specialized diary entry, wouldn’t it be better to auto-fill it with the current date, similar to what other apps do for daily journaling?

This is something that might get introduced later on, but it’s not possible atm. Obsidian Templater plugin has a great feature where you can insert dynamic data anywhere in the note (for instance using something like {current-date}), so this is one way this could be introduced.
Please create a FR for this is something you want the team to implement.

Someone asked this exact question recently here in the how to section.

There isn’t a way to have the date appear in the title, but there is a simple work-around: since every Object gets a “Creation Date” Relation by default, if you create a Set of a Type you can feature that Relation in your View layout.

Here I’m adding Creation Date to a Grid View, and Sorting the Set with the same Relation:

Creation Date

yeah, i know about that, but then ALL my diary entries have a useless name of “Diary Entry” instead of immediately showing the date, which would be much more useful.

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Related to that, is there or will there be to prevent a duplicate diary entry with the same name? There should only be one diary entry per day.

If the team introduces a proper daily journal feature, or if someone else implements it as a plugin, then definitely.

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Agree. Looks like you also have superpower when what we want is Anytype team to be magicians, not us :man_mage:t2: