Time/Date Shortcuts (e.g. /now, /today, /date, etc)

I think a way to add time/date-related information quickly would be very welcome. I’m thinking of things like /now, /today,/yesterday, etc…


When creating an object, it would be nice for time (or other fields) to populate as part of the language used. I use Todoist to manage tasks and this is something they have really nailed in speed-of-use.

Can you explain further what you mean? I don’t get it. Guessing i would say if you write “Today i have to …” it should fill the “Date”-Relation with the current date?

@natrius Yes, you’ve got it! “Meet with Lauren tomorrow at noon” would add relations for date and time, etc.

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@wowbiscuit as well as the human relation Lauren :wink:

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@lynxlove natural language processing would be dope. How would it work? Natural language processing happens only in task set or similar to task set or every set.

Currenty working:
@today and @now are inserting an object of the current
@yesterday and @tomorrow are also creating objects

Though it might not be exactly what you wanted.

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Didn’t know about those.

Today and Now seem to produce the same thing?
Also, I’d expect the actual Page for the date to be editable (as any other Page)…

Related: As per feature request below, I’d like date/time to be more robust and customizable. The way I see it, the user should be really picking either Moments (a certain moment in time, in different levels of precision - a time, a year, a day) or Durations (a span of time). Within these, user can pick what measures they want to include. For example, a Moment can be defined as HH:MM, as DD/HH or as Century. Duration can be defined as Hours, Seconds or Decades.

PS: the above request might seem a bit overkill for most use cases, but it would open up a ton of possibilities for more advanced uses.

Yeah. Looks like they do.

Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind… :sweat_smile:

I envisioned /now, for example, to expand automatically to “09:01” (for example), for time, and /today to expand to “05-04-2022”. Right now, it doesn’t auto-expand (on TAB) and it links to an object. I was envisioning just expanding to text, at least the /now command. And like @qualquertipo said, being able to configuring the format of the output would be ideal (12h vs 24h, ISO for date, etc).

Anyway, what we have now is definitely an improvement! :pray: :muscle:


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Got it. Also thought that what you mean, was something different. And also the I prefer it. Thanks for the input.

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I just wrote a quick meeting summary.

Wish I could have used “/yesterday” in the summary, that would automatically have the text replaced with the date (using the date format specified under Preferences). Naturally, a series of other natural-language date prompts would be helpful as well (today, tomorrow, next/last week/month, etc.)

I like to imagine that once a calendar feature is implemented that would also allow to show all instances a date is referenced that could show on it (on a Type-by-Type basis). If I have a Task type, it’ll be that much easier to give them due-dates using the “/” prompt.