Is it possible to embed multiple "set" views on to a signal page?

I’d love to be able to create what essentially amounts to a productivity dashboard that has a section showing tasks (belonging to relation xyz), open projects (belonging to xyz) and potentially some other things too (quick links to human abc and def, etc).

In obsidian this was pretty easily done embedding different dataview queries into a document. Haven’t really figured it out on this side yet though…

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Sounds like you’re looking for inline sets!

This feature hasn’t yet been implemented, however it is on the roadmap. :slight_smile:

From Telegram —

In the meantime the other part of the team is working on the most wanted features like simple tables, kanban view, inline sets, collections, set by any number of relations, new home screen and dozens of small UX improvements. We will start to deliver them in the next releases.

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