Is each Set limited to a single Type?

Just got onboarded. Sorry if this is a dumb question!

I created a Relation called Lent, to keep track of things people have borrowed from me.

I applied it to two object Types - Books and Tools.

Now I’d like to create a Set showing everything I have Lent, across all my object types. Is this possible?

The only way I know to create a Set is from a Type page…


Good question, I would like to know if it’s possible too


@qualquertipo I think this will be possible in the future and should already be considered by the R&D staff , Quote Roman(CTO@Anytype)'s reply in telegram: "We have plan to create collections that stores ID’s of objects instead of just aggregating them(like a set does). For that reason we have created “Collection of”. "


@michaellw Thanks! Not sure I understand the reply you quoted.

I like the fact that a Set is just a “view” (that it doesn’t really contain anything). I’d just want it to not be limited to one Type.


@qualquertipo I don’t know if my understanding is correct, for the example you mentioned above, there is currently a way that is not necessarily suitable to do it:

  • You can first create two sets called “Books” and “Tools”, in each set, you can filter by “Lent” to generate a view,

  • and then create a set of sets (includes all sets by default) called “Lent”, you can filter out “Books” and “Tools” to generate a view, in this view, you click “Books” or “Tools” to see all the books or tools with relation “Lent”.

In this way, you need to click on the corresponding set to view the objects in it.

I am also thinking about how to use “Collection” in the future. I don’t know if the “Collection” can directly collect all the objects of the specified types through filtering in the future, and then display just like the current set view, or in some other way. Looking forward to the release of “Collection”.


@michaellw Ingenious! Though hopefully this will be properly implemented to avoid such convoluted workarounds.

@qualquertipo Sets from relation is definitely in the pipeline and the team is trying to release them by this quarter


@lynxlove exactly


How do you create a set of sets? When I open a set I don’t see set as an option in the list of types.

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That was the previous version, now it is no longer supported.

It might be possible again once Sets from relation is released. Since sets has a Object type relation to currently represent the type of object it represents

Coming personally from, I hope that their agnostic databases will be soon integrated to Anytype, because even if Sets from relation will be possible, I think I’m not the only one to find it constraining to have to add relations each and everytime just to be able to display different Object types in a Set.

Sets limited to a single object type can have a certain utility, but it would not have any advantage to supplant a kind of Sets that would allow many Object types.

Anytype has chosen a meaningful name and doing so it would seem logical to accept any type of Object in a Set, don’t you think?


I wholeheartedly agree. There is no reason to why sets should be limited to one type or to one relation. That just needlessly complicates things. The current functionality should be transferred to a new filter which would allow you to filter by type and the type relation should also get it’s own column in the set.


Was :point_up_2:ever delivered? @lynxlove
I know :point_down: wasn’t because it was the first thing I every tried in Anytype and I’d really love it

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Sets from relation is not possible yet but I hope it’ll be implemented sometime in the future :crossed_fingers:

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