Ability to add different Object Types within a Set


Currently each Set is limited to a single Type. Anytype does not allow the freedom of data organization that Notion.so offers with its databases, neither in terms of data diversity nor data rearrangement e.g. Ability to freely reorder objects within sets


Allow the ability to add multiple and various Object Types within a Set.


I don’t see any alternative, but feel free to let me know if you know of one.


There is hearsay…

But we don’t see much of official voices around here.

Additional context

To give credit where credit is due, It seems to me that @qualquertipo was the first one to raise the topic and he summarized it in a very precise way:

Sets from relation is in the pipeline but won’t solve this problem as it will remain constraining to have to add relations each and everytime just to be able to display different Object Types in a Set.

Anytype has chosen a meaningful name and doing so it would seem consistent to accept any type of Object within Set, don’t you think?

This request is related to: Ability to add different Object Types for each Set Views


This is excatly what i was thinking! - I hope this is in the works of being changed!

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Linking to a more generic discussion on this topic in the General Discussion category:


This is important for me too. The way I use Notion is by keeping one big database that then I can access through different pages with linked databases (filtered, sorted, and grouped views of the same database). So if I want to see all my pages on “art”, I would create a filtered view of my database for all the pages that contain the tag “art”. I usually add different kinds of filters to the view depending on my needs. I believe that in Anytype everything is in one big database, so good for that. However, I think the sets are like filtered views, is that correct, or is there another way to do this? If that is the case, then restricting sets to one type of object doesn’t make sense to me. If I want to see all my ''art" stuff, I should be able to see my notes, articles that I saved, books, etc. As well as filter them and group them too. Is this possible already? If not, are you planning to add it?


I need this as well. Would like to make e.g. a “reading list” that include articles, books, bookmarks, papers, etc. Could also be solved by allowing an object to have two types. I could e.g. create a “readable” type and give that to all books, articles, papers, blog posts, etc. as well as their primary type.

Right now I can make manual dashboards that include links to all of my reading materials, but it would be better if these could be grouped in a set so they could be filterable/sortable etc.


+1. We already have Filters in Views. I think better make a Type Filter for a View rather than a Type Limit for a Set. Sets can be more flexible.

Maybe a new feature that allows adding Set-wide Filters?

EDIT: Someone has already considered this:

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Hello everyone :nerd_face: We are going to supercharge sets. And ability to select multiple object types as well as relations and even relations value is already in development.