How to use bookmarks?

I’m debating how to file a FR, etc. What exactly was the design intent behind the bookmark object? Because it isn’t clear why it is structured the way it is. For instance:

  1. it seems to require a tag relation. What if I don’t want one, or choose to use my own relations;
  2. no template is possible.
  3. accessing the link (AT passing it to a browser) requires like > 4 clicks, which seems ridiculous.
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  1. Tags aren’t required, you don’t need to add them. They are just suggested and you can even remove this suggestion if you want.
  2. Yes, templates are currently not available, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for system types.
  3. If you’re in a bookmarks set and if you add the source relation to the set, you’re able to open the link in two clicks and if you link bookmarks inside objects, you’re able to open them by just clicking on them.

@isle9 maybe my comments should have been more specific.

What I should have said is that, while all of what you point out seems true, the UX is terrible. The number of words in your explanation make my point. (Thanks, by the way. I don’t mean to be condescending.) And some of what you say is debatable. For example, if I link a bookmark in a note using @bookmark, I have to make three consecutive clicks to reach the webpage. Is this the design intent? Or is this just a minor priority no one cares about now? The way it exists now is a poor design model.

I only created bookmark objects in the first place because they show up in the graph view — which I think is very useful and consistent with the AT use model — but the present form of the bookmark object only has value for that purpose. Otherwise, it makes more sense to paste the link into a note because only 1 click is required to access the URL that way in a browser. But then there is no graphical representation in graph view. This philosophy seems inconsistent with the AT use model.

This is why I asked about the design intent. And I can barely understand if there is intent here, it seems more like a new feature was added (the bookmark object) and someone decided to leave the “paste as link” feature as a flexible relic, or they forgot about it. Seems more appropriate to just make a better bookmark object instead of having these two vastly different means.

Also, this board is so complicated, am I even going about this conversation the best way? That isn’t clear either, but I hope so.


@ is used for inline links, that’s where your problem lies. You should try /link which will recreate the bookmark block and then you can just click on it once to open it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the web clipper is supposed to be released in this quarter iirc. There might be some improvements for bookmarks as well at that point since they are related.

Seems like you are doing fine. This post was perfect for this exact category, for instance. If you have any question, you can always just ask in the chat.

What do you find complicated about the forum by the way?


@ is used for inline links, that’s where your problem lies. You should try /link which will recreate the bookmark block and then you can just click on it once to open it.

Thanks for this suggestion, the result is brilliant. Which begs the question: why did it take a conversation on this forum to understand it? The flexibility in the design is only helpful when it is easily communicated. Is this even documented somewhere?

Even if it was, I’d argue the existence of two different models in AT is dumb. All link-related objects should end up the same way in a note, even if they come from two different sources. For example, @bookmark and /link (in our naming context) should finally look and operate the same in a note but maybe the origin differs — where @bookmark is an already-existing object (obviously a bookmark) and /link creates a new one from a URL. Like I said before, the @bookmark object is useless.

As far as the forum is concerned, I only meant the process of using it. I’m guessing its design is from a template or something already existing (I saw someone call it Discord? I don’t know what that is). The design seems reasonable. But doing something with it is different. For example, posting a bug report (or FR) is a multi-tab endeavor of reviewing posts and searching for minutia. I assume that means this was never intended for use in the context of open-source bug squashing. How do you encourage users to spend their free time doing work like this inside of a complicated multi-step work process?

This is part of why I started (trying) to take part in this forum, hoping to influence some of the Anytype design chaos. Love the concept, but it is flashy. Some need to defend its use in deeper work.

Okay, rant over. Again, thanks @isle9 — this was helpful.

The documentation is currently very scarce since the app is still in alpha. The documentation will also be open-sourced. You can find the link for the documentation by pressing the question mark button in the button right corner of the app.

Apologies, seem like there has been a misunderstanding. Probably because of the naming of the / command.

“/link” is not a command related to bookmarks specifically. It’s a command that’s used to link any object, it’s just that it creates a separate block for the link.
“@” is used to link objects in-line so that you can mention objects while you’re writing.
Usually clicking on both of these would just open the object for you, but the bookmark objects works a bit differently when it comes to block level links since it opens the source link instead of the object.

They probably called it Discourse since that’s the software (or the template as you called it) the forum is based on.

For open-sourcing, I’m not 100% sure, but I think that that is probably going to be located on Github. The posts might end up being synced since I remember them trying out this feature previously, but I’m again not sure what the plan is right now.

For posting bugs or anything in general, it should be a pretty straightforward affair. There’s a big button pretty much everyone on the site that’s located around the top right corner called “+ New Topic”. Clicking that should open up a module window where you can create your new post. If you are in a category already, it auto-selects for you the current category. If not, it’s just one click to select bug, FR or else. It even searches existing posts for you while you’re typing in the title.

Also, you do have the new sidebar on the left, right? It’s been added recently for quicker navigation.


I can’t add “source” as a column in my set.

Is that a bug or something intended ?

It should already be shown in that list, but can you try adding it manually?
If you can’t seem to find it, then it’s a bug.

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Thank you for your fast reply.
If I click on New relation, there is no “source” relation.
I’ve tried “url” and “website” but it will juste create a new relation without populating it with existing source.
Maybe I somehow messed up with my Anytype Installation.

Can you confirm that you can see the column “source” in your bookmarks set ?

Yes, I have one and you should have one too.
It’s definitely a bug and you should write a bug report for it unless there is one already.

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Thank you, I’ll write a bug report.