How to take quick notes on Android

I just found out by accident how to add a shortcut to quickly create an Object on Android!

  1. Add Anytype to your home screen

  2. Tap and hold the icon

  3. Tap and hold the “Create a new Note” item

  4. Drag it onto the home screen

If you tap the new icon, Anytype will open and create a new Object immediately, allowing you to type away, right away!


good find!!

I guess next steps would be to customise the default object type

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Whoa, TIL we can do that on Android in general!

Hopefully as Anytype gets more feature-rich this can be more useful.

…and I guess it’d be nice if we can set the default place for the notes created by the widget (e.g. in a specific Collection) :smile:

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Right, some collection like “Inbox”.

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This IS helpful.

I would argue that 2 additional (or perhaps better, maybe depending on the user) methods for Android would be:

  • Having Anytype present a ‘Share’ target
  • Presenting a Quick Settings tile so it would be always accessible from the pull-down shade (potential workaround here but I have not tried it)
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