How to rename or delete the "Name" when creating a collection?


When I create a collection, the relation (column) “Name” appear by default. And as default it is the primary key of my table.
But i can’t rename the name of this column or change his type, or delete it, as for personalized column:

I read anytype manual and other thing, but didn’t find an answer.

What I want to do is:

  • to be able to rename the column named “Name”
  • or delete it
  • or change is type

In other word, personalized my column on table like notion:

Is it possible ? If yes, how ?

Anytype version : 0.36
OS : Windows 10

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Hi there,

That’s a System Relation, which haven’t been localized yet. When we do this, they will appear in your chosen interface language.

You also can’t delete or replace System Relations because they are inherent to those particular Features, which wouldn’t function properly without them.

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