How to create new note with every object created in a set

I created a set for creating movies, see Picture thread: Sets, Relations, Types, and Templates - #51 by natrius
So, for every movie a new object in the set is created. Now i have “Research and Ideas” for example, that should be a note - i put there a link into the template. Unfortunately now every object links to the same note.
I tried to create a template and link to the template as well, but that does not work as well, it just changes the template for every object again.

Is there any way to let AnyType create a new note for every new object in my set?

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Not that I’m aware of, but a quick workaround is to create a new note when editing the movie object using the /link to object menu

So i guess i should create a feature request? At least when its linked to an template i guess it should create a new object out of that template, in my opinion.

Yes, Kindly check if a similar request is already raised and if not raise a new one
There are few caveats though:

  • What should happen if the sub-page also links to an object? How many level of objects should be created?
  • What if there is a backlink to the parent object? In your case, Movies → Notes → Movies, so now there is a loop which needs to be addressed somehow

I created a feature request as i was not able to find another one that gets close to this. Ability to add a template within another template

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