Create new blank object when creating a new Object in a set that includes a link to a template

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I tried to explain here How to create new note with every object created in a set and i could not find another feature-request or bug related to this problem.

Did not know how to describe it short in the title, tbh.

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If i create a new template an link to a “Template of a note” or “Template of a new object” i created and i create a new object in the Set, a new object should get created, not everything should link to the same object.

Basically this whole tree is completely wrong

You see, every new movie i created links to the same “Script” and “Research” and “Publishing Checklist” and “Editing Checklist”. As i created the checklist already, it should be a new blank checklist for every movie, obviously, not the same checklist for every movie.

The issue How to create new note with every object created in a set - #4 by lynxlove talked about here: I don’t care, i can also create a new object-template “Publishing Checklist” (same level as Note-Object?) just for this purpose, i don’t care, but when i create a new movie-project i for sure don’t want to go to copy&paste the checklist everytime. Thats basically why there are templates, so i don’t have to do that.

Additional context
The Set:

The Template:

The Checklist:

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Just to expand, the first picture ‘should’ look like this

(i had to do the connection between “Filming” and the films itself manually, on a sidenote)
But the extra pages/objects should be created as well automatically, otherwise i’m just able to dump it all in one single file to create bigger templates. Thats suboptimal.