How do you use Collections as HomeScreen in Android Mobile Version for Favorites?

Hi together,
Hope someone can help me.

I was totally happy with Anytype as it was in Alpha/Legacy with the Favorites Overview as Starting-Point/Homescreen/Dashboard.

Since Beta the Favorites is not there anymore.
So I found a solution thanks to @Jeroen and @Kerstie under the topic

But unfortunatelly this work-around does not work (any-more) in Anytypes Mobile Version (Android).
Before a few weeks I found a solution to flush the cache in Anytype but now this is not working anymore:

So each new Element is attached in the second page of the mobile Version instead on the first place in the first page as in the desktop Anytype.

How do you work in Mobile Anytype?

  • Does I have missunderstood something basic so the ordering is broke in Anytype-Android-Mobile?

  • What kind of Collection-Starting-Screen you are using?

  • How do you have built/designed it?

  • Does your ordering work fine, after you have add a new Element (Page) to your collection?

Would be great to get some help or hint. This UN-synced ordering is a disaster. For re-finding new elements, I always have to do via the search, because they never have the same order as in the desktop.
Maybe there is a new solution I did NOT reconginced, or any other approach I could use instead…

Hope someone has any idea, workaround or helping hand.

Have you checked the sorting settings in mobile? It could be a bug.

I don’t really use a collection as a starting screen. I do have an everything-set and a notes collection, and the sorting is working just fine.

My navigation is different from my homescreen. I have a widget that recreates the folder system, so everything is under a folder/category. Then I have my notes widget/collection for objects to sort later.

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One thing to take note of is that the mobile version doesn’t have complete feature parity with the desktop (sadly). Meaning not all features or functions work on mobile or work different.

Another example of this is that the sidebar only shows 5 items with no way of showing all when you use certain sidebar widgets. Wish it wasn’t but those are things we for now have to deal with or work around it.

Personally I use a page with links as my dashboard, called a Map of Content (MOC). Which works both on mobile and desktop.


Hey @Kerstie,
Thanks for your idea with the “everything-set”.
Will have a look at sets at all. Maybe so I can find a workaround about the wrong-sorting missing/or buggy MobileAppSituation. When the sorting is working just fine, this could be a solution.

Strangly when your notes widget/colletion is working fine, when you sort them later.
Or do I missunderstood this part.
But maybe I missunderstood something about. As also in the former conversation :wink: :blush: about the Dashboard/Homescreen.

Bye the way, what you mean with: I have a widget that recreates the folder system, so everything is under a folder/category.
Maybe this is the missing part to create a working Dashboard/Homescreen Solution with set!?

Would be great if you could share…

Hey @Jeroen,
Yes this [doesn’t have complete feature parity with the desktop (sadly)] was also the information in the linked Topic about “ordering not in sync”

But strangle, this was working just fine a long time!!!

But then, a moment laeter - I guess with some update - the sorting between Desk and Mobile was first not automatic clean. So I hade to flush the cache in Mobile and recreate a new Object and add them to Collection “Favorite”. And it was fine - frickeling and a lot of time-waste compared to the legacy-App. But working.

But since a few days/maybe weeks (I do not create a lot of new objects every day) this sync is not possible to clean -with workaround flush moble cash and recreate on mobile…

So I guess the feature was there and works fine. But with some kind of code (update) or data-volume (new objects) its “out of order” :expressionless: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :frowning_face:.

Back to your Personally solution of dashboard MOC. Is this is a “hard-coded” page without on the fly sorting?
Or does your MOC sort new objects automatically at the first place in your MOC? Or do you mean the built in Object Map of Content and you have built some solution with this?

Would be great if you could share (too)…

That’s the thing, if your sorting in mobile isn’t working as expected, then switching to sets or another collection might not be the solution for you. You said it happened after an update, right? Therefore, it could be a bug. I suggest submitting a report about it so they can fix it asap.

Yes, I have no sorting issues/bug in mobile. But I only mentioned this because you asked about alternatives. What I meant here is that, my notes collection is only for temporary things. Instead of having a collection for everything (as you did with your Favorites), I have a place for quick adds so I know where to find new objects that I have yet to edit/categorize/polish.

It means I have pages that serves as folders. They have nothing in it except links. So when I assign it as a widget, it creates a navigation similar to how a file explorer works in Windows. Therefore, I rarely open my everything set because everything is already categorized in my navigation. If I’m not sure where to put it yet, it goes in my notes/notepad collection.

It’s similar to @Jeroen’s MOC, actually. I just call it Navigation.

Anyway, I might be complicating this because it’s still not my dashboard. :laughing: My actual dashboard has a kanban of my ongoing projects, might not be what you’re looking for.

Just submit a report. :grimacing:


Thank you Kersti for your idea to use Pages for folders.
Maybe I can make a work-around also for my problem in Anytype Mobile.

But you are also right, I have to report the bug “again”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Done :+1:

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Hey @Kerstie,
Now I have done it like you, with a Folder-Structure over the «Link To Object» and structured RootNavi-Page and Subpages.

So I have a better overview and I’m mutch more fast then with all the other workarounds and approaches to “re”-build the GREAT HomeScreen from Alpha/Legacy.

Thank you for share :heavy_heart_exclamation: