How do you set up bi-directional linking?

I’m trying to link two types: “organizations” and “humans”, and to make sure that when I add a “human” to an “organization” (using a relation like “staff”), I can see:

  • in the organization object, all the humans that are staff
  • in the human object, all the organizations that the human is a part of

I understand that bi-directional linking is not supported yet, but I’m curious what kind of workaround people have? Is there a way of doing this, other than adding the “staff” relation to both types and, each time, manually adding the object to the relation on both ends?

There really isn’t a way to get it to properly show on both sides since, like you’ve mentioned, bi-directional linking is not a thing yet. The workaround is to just link it on one side, and then use the flow menu or the graph to check the other side occasionally.

For instance, you could link humans to orgs trough the staff relations, and then list them in the org canvas by using inline sets. For humans, you could only check the flow or the graph to see to which objects they are linked to.
I tried this for a while, but it was just too cumbersome for me atm.

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Thank you, that’s helpful. I just tried byt like you said, it’s quite cumbersome–definitely not a sustainable solution.

I see that bi-directional linking may be coming soon, so fingers crossed!

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