Automatic Bi-directional linking + Rollups / Transclusion

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When I link two objects of the same type (e.g. “Person”) through a relation (e.g. “Is sibling of”), I have to fill the relation in both sides: A is sibling of B, B is sibling of A.

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When a relation link two objects of the same type, this relation should be automatically made bidirectional.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Filling the relation in both objects.


The second point in this request talks about bi-directional linking:


Hello! — sorry if this is a duplicate!

The Problem
It does not make sense for an item (#1) to be related (linked) to another item (#2), without the other item (#2) being related to the first item (#1).

The Solution
In all other applications I’ve used, item linking is bidirectional: when one item is linked to another, the other item is also automatically linked to the first.

This is what the process looks like in ClickUp:

Ideally, this would work the same way in Anytype.

Manually linking the objects together:

Additional Context
The ability to manually remove a linked object (meaning it would only be a one-way link) might also be preferable? — but I cannot think of a case where this would (personally) be used.
Manually removing a linked object would be more ideal than manually adding a linked object.

Thank you for reading, hope you have an amazing day!

  • Backlinks are listed in the roadmap

There are also few topics requesting the same


Thank you, sorry for the duplicate!

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I also am looking for this feature and am posting to show support, but additionally. I believe there are further use-cases for bidirecitonal relations within sets. I, unfortunately, posted this in the discord before I discovered this, not quite doing my duty, but here’s is my explanation from there:

–does anyone know if there’s a way to make bidirectional relations?

What I mean is if I make a relation from Object 1 to Object 2, that Object 2 will be related to Object 1 as well without additional input.

At the moment I’ve been relating twice, once for each direction. Is this something that can be done automatically? And if not, is this on the roadmap? It would be especially useful in sets I would think.

To clarify with context, I’m looking at two sets, one for staff members, and one devices.
The staff list has a property for their current device, where I relate their specific device ID.

The device list has the device ID’s and a property for relating the current staff member.

Symbiotic sets.

My goal is to be able to change the device id in the staff set, and have that change show in the other device set. i.e. If John Smith was using laptop 1, and I change his device to laptop 2, I would see on the device list that laptop 1 is unassigned, and laptop 2’s current user is John.

The alternative to this is manually inputting changes on either set.

I believe this addition would be a natural extension to the Set function making it all the richer with little potential to over-encumber the system with too many features.


I’ve been thinking about this, and I’m wondering if backlinks would solve this entirely. We don’t exactly know the intended implementation of that feature yet, and with the trend of an out of the box look at data that Anytype has taken so far, maybe we could use a backlink within a relation to make that bridge between objects or objects organized in sets.

A backlink housed within a relation. If that would work, would this be a non-issue? Let me know what you all think.

Maybe If a backlink is created in a relation, it could that relation to the target object containing the source object.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I want a link between 2 sets and columns which “extract” some informations in a set from another set

Describe the solution you’d like

A relation which link to another set and relations which can extract informations from the another set

Describe alternatives you’ve considered


Additional context


Hey, I must say I heard (didn’t try) about bio-links in notion and noticed it’s not very effective as Obsidian.
One benefit I notice is in obsidian whenever you insert [[ optional link ]] it makes an optional page (create the page only if you click on it).
The magic happens when you use the optional link you mention as a simple word and the system suggests you - “Hey I noticed you used this word before on that page”
Linked mention - already existed pages
Unlinked mentions - when and where you mentioned this, and I suggest you link those two pages.


I’ll reply to this because I have a feeling my question is somewhat related to this discussion, though I’m not sure how.

TLDR: I expect backlinks to be automatically included in linked pages
If I have page A and page B, and I link page B within page A, I expect page B to contain some reference to this (that it is being linked on page A), perhaps within a Relation called “Links to here” (which would contain a list of all objects that link to that object). I could then surface that information in page B if I wanted to.

PS: by the way, the post in the comment above ( “Automatic bidirectional relations”) doesn’t seem to be accessible…



Relations that can automatically appear on both objects, to indicate relationships among people like “Sibling” or “Parent/Child” or “Partner”


:pencil2:ᅟDetail the solution you would like to get what you need.


As stated, to indicate relationships among people.


Doing the relationships manually works, but it’s time-intensive and prone to screw-ups.


I didn’t realize that bi-directional linking is not currently supported. I think this will keep me from using the app for anything more than testing.


Bi-directional linking is supported. It’ just that there isn’t a convenient way to see those links unless you think that the graph or the navigation pop up are convenient.


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Any ETA on links being bidirectional automatically and included on pages where they are setup as a relationship?


Roughly this year, hopefully 1st half.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I would like to be able to migrate to Anytype my existing Rollups in Notion

Describe the solution you’d like
In order to do that Anytype should be able to handle the imported Rollups