How are you going to use Anytype to review 2023?

How is everyone’s 2023? Almost towards the end of 2023. Hope everyone have had happy moments; we still have time to create more memories :wink:

Do you review the year? Have you started reviewing?
Do you plan to use/add Anytype in your reviewing process? These are a few things I might be looking at. Join me.

  • Most used object type and relation type?
  • Most / top 10 important/impactful objects?
  • Most linked object?
  • Favourite feature of the year?
  • What else will you find out? :thinking:
  • Will you create an object or snapshot for 2023? :camera_flash:

In a review process, do you find any missing features that could help you process more easily? Perhaps something that could be help your journalling practices?

  • I am feeling a serious need of statistics in Anytype
  • Better graph view so I can observe pattern more easily

P.S. Anytype was my top app :+1:
P.S.2. It would be great if we could easily make something like this in Anytype or have shared templates for the community to review the year together


As for the most waited features, for me they’re:

  1. Maturation of Calendar view
  2. Timeline view
  3. Any visual way of expressing data, canvas, whiteboard etc, just like excalidraw or

Statistics would be a game changer but I guess it will take some time even to appear on the roadmap.