Statistics for Anytype

It would be nice to have statistics or properties shown for Anytype.For example:

  • number of pages
  • number of empty pages
  • number of orphan pages
  • total amount of images/attachments (including there size in MB’s)
  • etc…

Perhaps this can even be extended to relations though that might take it a step to far.

It would be great to manage your database as it grows, where you could save space for those with limited hard drive space or on mobile. What (attachment) takes up the most amount of space, where to find clutter.

These statistics could be shown under the settings menu for your entire workspace or even per pages in the sidebar or as a footnote below the page. Showing the amount of images/attachment on the current page, the word count, etc.

Some of these things can also be done by filters, search or in sets like the attachment set, but dedicated statistics as described would be great in my opinion and save a lot of time and manual work.


I am also interested in this. I would personally add :

  • The number of characters (spaces included)
  • The number of words.

This dedicated statistics view could be integrated into the Graph view as a filter in my opinion.
I imagine that this filter could in some way looking like most of the Disk Usage Analyzers with a color code by objects size in bytes, like this one:

However I recognize the usefulness of being able to quickly visualize some data at the bottom of the page.



  • number of total objects (all summarized at one place)
  • same for files, photos etc. (all summarized at one place)
  • number of total words used
  • number of most words used in a single object
    number of words used in a single object
  • time spend in total in Anytype
  • time spend this week in Anytype
  • how much space is used ? 10gb in videos, 1,2 gb in photos etc
  • having live information about the sync status !! 534 objects synced out of 1200 or
  • live information for single objects syncing like 1,2mb/4,2mb
  • most used object this week
  • most used object/s in total
  • amount of different objects used today/week/month


Should Anytype gather such kind of information already (I remember the agreement for example that Anytype saves information about how it is used) it wouldn’t be too much of an effort to provide this information I guess.


Really love the request :top: @XxxBalCion Thanks for rising this up


Historical statistics would be very nice as well. Trend lines would help me predict organizational challenges before they happen.