Embed PDFs in pages

Currently if you add a file to Anytype, including PDFs, it only gives you the option to download it or to open it on a seperate browser. As somebody who prefers to stay on one app when I’m doing work, it would be super useful if the PDFs can be embedded into the page.

Ideally, it would just be a section of the page that you can view the PDF from but still continue writing or adding blocks to the rest of the page.

However, even if it were just a pop up view of the PDF fully, or a page is just for PDF, that would still be better than nothing.

Additional features that can be considered is that the text would be searchable, the size of the embedding is resizable, and the PDF can be annotated. But most important would be just to be able to read PDF without leaving the app at all :)


@irdinamaztura Indeed this would be nice, at least as an option (sort of like how URLs can become “bookmarks” or just linked text). It should be fairly easy to do at least on some platforms due to built-in PDF reader (e.g. in Chrome) and Anytype is based on web tech. I seem to recall having a discussion around similar requests before, but can’t easily find it now. But I remember discovering that mobile Chrome does not have a PDF viewer, so might be an issue or something they have to solve separately for that platform.


With Anytype Desktop 0.23, inline PDF embedding has been implemented!

However, with the current implementation, you’re unable to zoom into the PDF, view it in a popup, or resize the embed size (as you can with images on Desktop). Perhaps it may be better to create a separate feature request for PDF zooming?

Otherwise, features like annotations and PDF indexing are also covered by other feature requests, so I’ll go ahead and close this issue.

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I agree in general that separate requests for e.g. Zoom would be ideal. Either that or the title here can be updated to include more of those features. But probably best to track separately.

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