Early adopters to also get the human readable names (online identity)


As an early adopter I’m grateful for the storage space that we got (although it’s not clear yet if there is an expiration date on those - but this has already been raised elsewhere).

I am now wondering if we could also be allowed to get the online identity (whenever this comes), as both things seem to be deeply connected. Especially in my case - I plan on keeping everything local in my devices (only syncing between them in local networks), so the only way I can make use of the granted storage space will be as a website or public-facing space (which I believe would require me having a human readable name/identity).

Of course, it’s perfectly understandable if this is not possible. You’ve given us so much already! But no harm in asking :grin:

I think it is your name as you define it (under Personal information, and you can change it)?
Anytype identity is more an ID (an unique key, “un identifiant” in French, even if it wasn’t included in the translation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

It remains to be seen how sharing, collaboration and publishing will be managed…

No worries, Storage Rewards will not expire!

Can you point me towards this please so I can clarify there as well?

Nice request, and logical since the Anytype Community will be our foray into multi-player spaces to serve as a model for what they will look like. We also need to test out the human readable names somehow, although we’re still only tip-toeing our way into multi-spaces, so a bit too early in the game to address this concretely. At the moment I don’t have any intel as to how the product team will decide to approach it, but I’m not surprised to see you getting ahead of the curve as usual @qualquertipo :wink:!

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A few places, maybe in reddit too.

A quick search in the forum found this, for example:

That’s a kind way to say I’m annoying! Just kidding :joy:

Wait what! I know this is an offtopic reply but I wanted to say that is really, really generous! Thank you so much, wauw!

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