Concerned About Future Pricing

I am new to the Anytype Alpha and I am enjoying it so far and can see using it as a PKM. I’m just wondering if it would be a waste of time to go all in on that here if it’s going to be too expensive to be a sustainable option for me. I have a very limited budget and while I will be happy to pay for the stable release of Anytype, I can’t afford something like Roam Research. Is there any estimate of what the monthly or annual costs might be in the future?


It is supposed to be free with optional subscription for sync/backup.


You also can use it without any sync later or just host a sync node yourself.



"For Alpha testers, backup storage will be offered for free as a gift "

Woo hoo!!!

But do note this is (probably) not a lifetime gift! They are not sure how long this gift will last (a dev said on this forum, can’t find the post atm).

Which is fair, lifetime free for alpha users is a way to generous gift in my opinion. Though I will accept it as a lifetime gift, wink wink :wink:

EDIT: Found it! Paranoid new user who doesn't like autosync :( - #5 by Flip


how do we use it with our own sync node? Is there a current option available like google drive/Dropbox etc possible?

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In my understanding there will be a selfhostable “server” be made available. Syncing via other services isn’t planned I think.

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