Duplicate object

While on my Linux laptop I’m able to duplicate objects, on my android phone I don’t see the option to do so. I’m on version 0.6.0, downloaded from anytype website. Is it still not available?

According to this community maintained list of features

Duplicate on android should be possible. I don’t have an android device to check this though.
@lynxlove Could you check the location of the “duplicate” function on android?

I could find this option here for objects on a page:

But that might not be the option that @davidegreco is looking for…

I will clarify that objects themselves cannot be duplicated on android, while objects on a page can be duplicated.

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that’s what I wanted to do, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Even though the topic is already marked as solved: with the release of Anytype for Android 0.7.0-alpha it is now possible to duplicate objects via the Object menu :slight_smile:

where can i get the 0.7.0 version? on the site it’s still on 0.6.0

The new version is already available on the Play Store but the APK will be updated on the Anytype website on Monday (together with a post with the release notes).

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