'Document' View to show full-size objects in Sets and Collections

What Do You Recommend?

In addition to the five existing View Layouts (Grid, List, Gallery, Kanban, Calendar), offer a sixth View Layout called ‘Document’ (or ‘Page Flow’, ‘Onepage’, etc) that renders all listed objects in full size underneath each other (see screenshot mockup).

This way, journals, diaries, task lists or book chapters etc would be much easier to read; attaching Relations to sub-parts of objects is no problem anymore; printing a list of objects to a single PDF would be possible; and a lot more.

How Could It Be Done?

In attached screenshot mockup, Collection View 1 shows a typical example of how today, all of Anytype’s five existing View Layouts (Grid, List, Gallery, Kanban, Calendar) of a Collection or Set reduce each object’s content to just a few words.

If however a sixth ‘Document’ View Layout existed (Collection View 2) that shows all listed objects in their full length underneath each other, the user experience of reading through lists of objects would be much more natural, and much closer to what we’re often used to with diaries, logfiles, travel destinations, book reviews etc.

So the idea is basically to render Lists of Anytype objects exactly as we’re reading lists of posts here in the community forum: We don’t have to open and close each post individually, but we can scroll through all posts underneath each other in their full length here, hence with much more ease.

Image or Video

Real World Use-Cases

Besides creating a much more nature way to read diaries, logfiles, forum topics, travel destinations, book reviews etc. like topics in the forum here, and to print them as one document, this FR would also solve many of the user needs behind the transclusion FR, the FR for blocks-as-objects, deep-linking to blocks, Inline object creation and modification, and others.

This is because essentially, instead of trying to enhance the capability of blocks embedded objects (which might be hard to build), we fully leverage Anytype’s existing capability to embed Objects in List Objects (i.e. Sets and Collections) — similar to block-level objects, just at the parent level, where List objects already have the needed capabilities.

Recommended Alternatives

Reading listed objects in Sets and Collections, as well as in /Links and @mentions with a respective preview layout is already possible today, as well as >toggle content blocks.

However, all of these existing solutions cut off the vast majority of the embedded content, so that the only way of actually read (or print) a document that’s composed of many embedded child objects is to open/close, open/close, open/close and so on — or to wait for transclusion and/or blocks-as-objects to be available in Anytype.

This FR here expands on part of the functionality suggested in my FR to flip through objects from a list in the sidebar, yet addressing the underlying need in an even easier way. So I’d say this FR here is more critical (and I hope even more straightforward to implement).

Additional Context

Another interesting application of this FR here is to extend the full-length-object-preview suggested here to the available preview layouts of /Link objects. This way, a third way of nesting full-size objects inside objects could be achieved, besides collections and links (and maybe even a fourth way with @mentions inside table cells).

Personally, the readability of listed objects like journals and task lists etc in Anytype has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I wanted to dedicate as much time as possible this week to ‘solve’ it.

I believe, a full-size object preview layout would be a real breakthrough for a lot of wicked use cases, and I hope it’s indeed much more straightforward to implement than alternatives like transclusion or block objects, while offering a lot of their benefits.

Yes, yes, yes! I want it, I need it, I would love it!

(Btw.: Don’t forget to vote for your own request!)

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Thank you, @Code-Jack.

I hope nobody gets confused by my two related FRs yesterday and today. This one here is meant to really address the core of the issue with as little additional complexity as possible.

I think the team has exactly this feature already on the radar.
Angelo or ignatovv mentioned some months ago an upcoming “reading mode” for Sets.
Can’t find the posting again, but it was related to making search more powerful and something more about about Sets.

This “reading mode” was only short mentioned by one of them, but I understood it exactly the way as you described it here in your FR.

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I think in combination with this FR the thing would be round:

Again the szenario:
An angry customer calls me for complaining …
I search for his name.
Whatever I find: a right click on it, choosing “Instant Collection” → then further according to your FR for reading all related interactions with this customer in a chronological order.

Would it make more sense to call the View “Object”?

Apart from that, I love the simplicity of your envisioned functionality!

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Terrific, @sambouwer! Let’s see what others think, happy to amend the FR

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PS: how did you make the mockup? It looks super slick, especially how the Documents icon matches the style of the other icons.

MacOS preview app for pixel peeping, and Keynote to bring it all together :innocent:

No, please not “Object”, this would be completely confusing!
It’s hard enough for a newbie to understand what an Object is. You can’t come up with a second meaning!
It would also give chaos in the forum and in the forum’s search function!

I suggest “Readview”.

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This FR paves the way to a document/object/readview representation of a link (along card and simple link)

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I need that also.
I’m trying to use Anytype to plan my lessons, so I created a “lesson” object. As the planning is weekly and each lesson hangs on last weeks eavaluation, it would be much more easier if I could see every plan at once.


I totally missed this feature request but this is a brilliant one! I really really hope features like this get added soon!

This has so many usecases that it should be very high on the roadmap in my opinion. It would be so good for connecting idea’s and documents/objects.

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This is genius.

But doesn’t achieving this ‘document’ view requires transclusion? It is basically displaying a full object inside another object…