Different projects with specific sets despite objects of the same type

With the new version, I’m testing Anytype a little more. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to separate different bases.

To illustrate :

  • On Notion, I have a file base on project A. I have another file base on another project B. There’s no link between the two, even though they’re the same type of object, so the view is easy to manage, since I only have the files from the project.
    Notion distinguishes between bases and views, so I can make two distinct file bases. And I can have separate views of these bases.

  • I try to do it on Anytype.
    I create an inline set, choose type = File… and there I have all the files already present in Anytype!
    The aim is to be able to manage only the files I put in this database / this place.

How can I do this?
Other than using a set? Is there an equivalent to the Notion database?
Or do I have to cheat, for example by using tags (which can be a pain if you have to do it everywhere?)?
What’s the best method or trick?

Are there any feature requests already posted for this?
(like having a filter to only see objects placed in the current page/set; having some kind of automatic tag to link the object to this page, …)

Thank you

Try collections, they are pretty much Notion databases. You can either create objects trough the collection to automatically add them to that same collection, or you can use the link to option in the object menu to link an existing object to the collection.

Another alternative is to use a relation. You can use a tag relation and tag each file with the correct project and then use a filter in the inline set to filter the correct project. You can also use the object relation type to link the files themselves to the correct projects trough the relation, and then also filter it trough the inline set.

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should I use set or collection. i am still confused two options.

If you want to use the relation method, you’re going to need to use a set.

Probably better to just try and use collections first since it seems like you are more familiar with them.

I’ve just tried it, but I’m stuck on one point: how do I add my files?

On Notion :

  • create the database (which can be an inline database)
  • drag and drop the files onto the database rows
    This creates an item in the database: a page with the file in it. Simple and efficient. :wink:

On Anytype :

  • create a collection
  • 1st problem: if it’s “inline”, you can’t drag files into it, you have to open the source collection to a full page, which is a shame. Correct?
  • On the full-page source collection, I drag and drop my files… nothing appears in my collection. My files are in Anytype though (visible on a set listing all files).
    Where? No idea. And why aren’t they in my collection (just created, so no filter)?

If you are using an inline set or collection, then it’s probably the best idea to just drag and drop files directly into that object and store them there since that works exactly how you want it to.

How exactly are you dragging and dropping the files? From the file system? If they are not appearing in the collection, it might be a bug or not implemented yet.

Yes, from filesystem (Windows 10).

(first part testing on inline collection, after testing on source collection)

I also wanted to test by dragging a browser tab, then moving an AT block (but on the inline collection, you can’t drag anything, and on the source collection, you’d have to start from a second AT window… which doesn’t work either).

… and I wanted to display a set of images to show that the image has been added “somewhere” but it bugs, my set doesn’t display the images (or files) added. I’ll see about opening another ticket :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it should probably work like that. Collections are a very new feature so you’ll need to wait a bit for them to iron them out.
In the mean time, the best idea would probably be to embed them into the projects themselves bypassing sets/collections.