Drag and drop files to Collection : add them to collection ;-)


Currently, when we have a collection :

  • if inline collection, we can’t drag and drop at all
  • if fullpage source collection, we can drag and drop item on it but item are not added to this collection

for smooth operation, we should be able to drag and drop objects (images, files, objects in Anytype, etc.) into collections.
These objects must be added and present in the targeted collection.
This should work in inline mode.


  • Link object when dropped in a collection
  • Do the same for inline collection


I create a inline collection for (my pictures|my conf file|my bookmark), for a specific projet (so collection because we can’t use set).
I drag and drop (each photo I love | each conf file to keep | each bookmarck I need to keep) in this inline collection.
Awesome : they are added directly and clearly visible as they are added to this collection.! I can quickly add several directly while browsing on my PC.


Possible with a longer, more painful UX…

I want to add to this idea a bit. What if we could take objects in the graph view and drag them onto collection objects to add them. Similarly, dragging objects onto another could create a link. Leveraging the graph to help move and add objects might be powerful. It would require also being able to fix everything so they don’t move while you are dragging them, but it would be a great way to use the ‘mind map’ aspect of this to help organize thoughts.

The reason I am mentioning this here, is because it is connected to the idea of drag and drop onto collections.

A small user case exemple with drag and drop in inline collection from :

  • OS (Windows here, any file)
  • web page (image, …)
  • Anytype (from another object using a secondary window or from the same object)

None of them working for now.