Description block. What you think about it?

Anytype’s first relation available from the latest version.

Description is a simple block that contains a short description, and can be used in databases for context extension, filtering, sorting and many more in the future. Please tell us what you think!


My initial impressions are good! It is something I didn’t know that I needed. About 20 of my pages had a generic block as a description for the page. Now there is a place for it and I am intrigued by what we might be able to do in the future with databases.

I might need to adjust the way I use it though as I have a full paragraph of text in some cases. It looks a little odd having some menu bar pages taking up the whole width of the bar and others just showing their title and page type. Might this be configurable in the future?


Very nice. Perhaps the description could be added to the home page as well? With hover for long descriptions?

Next level concept art:


not bad yeah :+1: But maybe, to make it more like a description, it would help to have a default color like 70% gray, to make it appear differentely from the general text, or maybe some special indent, idk


I love it, but looks like description text should be a bit brighter or have smaller font like in Android app. Now it looks like regular text block. Also hand pointer is a little bit confusing here.

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Is this gonna be an optional block in future versions? I’d prefer to be able to add such a block manually when I need it. It’s currently on every single page without being able to be deleted.


@Chris sth like shift enter in title in desktop, yeah

@IreneGoodnight Agreed! Formatting needs to change. I think it’s causing some potential confusion:

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@Chris yep, we will add the ability to disable it later


I like the idea of a description block and use it as a brief intro/summary to the subject matter, however I then have to manually set the colour and background to make it stand out. I read that this may just become shades of grey - which may be great for some but trying to read black on 70% grey is not fun for anyone with eyesight issues. It would be more logical to choose the colour and background that suits the user with an option in the UI to “Use selected colours for all new descriptions”.

I haven’t used Anytype for a few months, and jumped in to test it again when I heard about the progress on types/relations. I have not been able to find the description block feature anywhere, either in Android or on Linux desktop app.

I filed feedback via the form about this. I suspect some migration might not have succeeded for me?

Where should I find the feature of adding a description block?

@agentydragon The feature has been disabled in the last full update release and I understand from comments elsewhere that it will return when the next full update release activates databases.



It has indeed been added back in the types/relations branch of the alpha. It works the same as before but is more versatile.

The description block is missing in some Types, not all. Perhaps it would practical to have it in all types and maybe an option to toggle it on/off, or visible/not-visible.

Layout type, neither of the 3 has a Description block, for instance.


It works like this right now! For some Templates it is enabled in featured relations, for others disabled, but available in the list of all object’s relations

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@ichimga I was shocked too but it makes more sense now! The description block is still available, only now more powerful, for activating just click on the :star: besides Description in the Relations tab of the object.

But wait, there is more! If you don’t hit the :star: for it, you can place it wherever you want inside the object. For an example of this check out my [book template](? Picture thread: Sets, Relations, Types, and Templates), the description block is actually to the side of the picture, which in this case makes more sense!

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