Default object type always sets back to “Note” after some timen V2

Ahhhhh! It happened again :sob:
After some time on macOS the default object type was set back to Note randomly without any software update even though it was set to Page before.


  1. Set your default object type in settings to something different than Note
  2. Wait some time until it is set back to Note


The default object type should never set back to anything other than I defined in this setting. Ideally this setting should also sync between clients


I had this issue before for quite often but I had to file it again after it was moved to the Bug Cemetery (btw. the spelling of the section is wrong with an “a” (Cemetary).


  • Devices:
    Macbook Pro late 2013
  • OS:
    macOS Sonoma 14.1
  • Anytype Version:

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

@philoup Hey, does this still happen to you in 0.37.0? Also, does it still happen if you create a new space?

It didn’t happen when I updated from 0.36.0 to 0.36.15, 0.36.16 or 0.36.18.

How do I update to 0.37.0? I have prebuilt versions enabled but my latest update was 0.36.18.

I didn’t test it with a new space yet but will report as soon as I have some insight about that.

I got a bit ahead of myself (didn’t expect you to answer so quickly). :sweat_smile:
But 0.37.0 shouldn’t be that different compared to 0.36.18, so I’ll check this one as implemented.

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