Custom Storage Location

I think it would be handy to be able to change the location that Anytype stores it’s content. On some of may machines, I have a small boot drive and then a large “data” drive so it would be beneficial to be able to have Anytype store content on the larger drive.

This could also tie into running the app on a server of sorts and have that cache the content on a data drive to be backed up from there. It could also add opportunities for things like deduplication which can’t be done on system drives (Assuming it won’t mess with any of the IPFS functionality behind the scenes).


I have understand “Anytype stores all information/content locally”,

it would be nice to have a option to choose the location for storing.

(my drive c:\ is not very big)


I second this. Not only is my /C: on a very small ssd- its currently extremely low on free space!

I had the same problem with trilium, and that stopped me from using trilium further… i cant do half of what i wanted to test this way. It will end up limiting my time and uses of anytype (thus my engagement and feedback).

Meanwhile im sitting on 2 free terabytes on another hardrive and free terabites on a external addon.


+1 this would also be helpful If I want to take my entire anytype folder with me or transfer it to another device that is not connected to the Internet.


I havent tested it yet, but theres a trick/workaround ive used in the past- that as far as i know work with any apps: making a junction link.

junction links are sort of special ‘shortcut-like’ for folders that, for any or most apps, is seen as an actual folder. That way the app would read the folder its expecting, find a junction and read its contents normally… meanwhile the junction would be pointing to another location, like a different hard drive.

The easiest way to make junctions on windows (without command prompts) is Link Shell Extension, a free app that can be used to make junctions, hard links and a few more tricks.

if youre on windows:

1- install link shell extension

2- with anytype closed, MOVE/change the folder’s location somewhere else

(better to copy, then rename the folder- just in case it doesnt work so its easier to rename the folder back later)

3- in the new place you moved the folder to, right click on it and choose ‘pick link source’ (its a new option to right clicking that link shell extension adds to windows explorer)

4- go back to where anytypes folder was meant to be(its original place), right click anywhere on the folder (its white area) and choose ‘paste link as’ -> ‘junction’

And thats it. A folder with the same name will appear, probably with an overlay arrow icon.

Now launch anytype and see if that works- if it will open normally… then check on the folder, to see if it created a new data folder or not. If not its working- reading the junction despite the files being in another drive.

Of course when using junctions DONT change the folders location- that would be like moving/deleting the folder, and will break the junction link.

I only know how to do it on windows, but junctions can also be created on linux (and i presume on mac, since its unix based)


+1 all the way.

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I definitely need to be able to do this too!

Personal backup would be so much easier if the data folder could be changed, whenever and wherever we want.

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I think without custom storage location the whole idea is ruined. See Obsidian has vaults that stored where i want to, lets me make library from folders, Typora and many more. No custom location, no anytype. It is number 1 feature, i don’t understand why it is not made since 2020.


I totally agree with you, but don’t forget that Anytype is only in its alpha stage. Many of us are eager to use it fully, but patience is required. :wink:

This feature is officially planned but as no current ETA. unfortunately, at this time the main way to know what is officially planned is to consult the periodically updated topic about Anytype roadmap.


Yes, it would be great to use something like -
you only have to pay only one-time fee for 200 years of storage. that would give me more peace of mind for long-term storage


Hello! @Razor

I just noticed that this FR has the implemented tag. :star_struck:
Can I use it now?I am on the pre-release version of 0.38.0.
Are there any tutorials on how to do this?

I am very excited about this. It is one of my most anticipated features.

Thanks for all your hard work. Good-day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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