Create SET from Bookmarks/Web links

First use of Anytype a couple of hours ago, with some progress, but…

I tried to create a SET that would gather saved webpages/bookmarks but BOOKMARK is not among the object types available for this.

It would be very useful to me to aggregate saved links and be able to add comments or paste annotations from GLASP and tag those bookmarks topically.

Good to be able to benefit from those using ANYTYPE for months and with more database chops than I possess. Thanks in advance for help.

Hi @fred1st, thanks for sharing your initial experience with Anytype!

Indeed, there is no built-in Object Type for Bookmarks. You could create your own “Bookmark” Object Type and add Relations that are relevant for you. Is the example below enough to get you started?

  1. Open the Object Library
  2. Click the “Create a new type” button
  3. Fill in the details that are relevant for you, for example:

So that seems to be set up now, but (duh) I don’t find a way to create a SET in which (as I envision it) I set a template with URL, TITLE, KEYWORDS and COMMENTS. Then, again in my thinking) any time I choose bookmark and enter a web source, it is saved to WebLinks and added to the template, which can be sorted by date.

I used Notion for a while, but its architecture did not sink in very deep, and is no help now in capitalizing on the strengths of AnyType.

I do appreciate your help!

I hope I properly understand your question. Let me know if this does not answer your question :wink:

You can create a Set like you would create any other Object.

  1. Click the + on the home page/dashboard

  2. Give your Set a name (in my example “Bookmarks Set”) and choose the Type “Set”

  3. Configure the Set to show Objects with the “Bookmark” Type you created earlier

  4. Use the Options button to turn on the relevant Relations for the Set (i.e. choosing the columns to be displayed in the Set) and click “+” or “+ New” to create a new Object in the Set

  5. Your first Bookmark!

You can also edit the Template for the Bookmark Object Type to choose what you want to show if you open the Bookmark Object.

Please also checkout the roadmap where it is mentioned that a Bookmark Type is being developed: Roadmap 18 Apr 2022

This is good news. I’ll avoid the frustration and wait a bit. Life at the low end of the learning curve is hard, but I’ve been here before. Some things are clicking. Some not. But for an alpha, this app holds sufficient long-term promise to hand with it. Thanks again for the help.

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Yes! I am looking forward to this!

Here are some inspiring ideas from other sites that could be added to AnyType!

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Confirm, this feature is under development atm!


This is now implemented with a “Bookmark” Object Type!

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