Comparison chart with other notes/PKB software?

Should we have a place (post? tag?) to discuss other software similar to Anytype, which we could get inspiration from? Ideally in a structured way, so that we could easily suggest, compare and vote on features we are most interested in to be implemented in Anytype.

Stuff like Notion, Obsidian, Logseq, Remnote,.Tiddlywiki and Roam.

Of course a lot of stuff from these other apps are quite specific and might not match the way Anytype is structured (although they might give great insights for what plugin’s should be able to do). But a lot of desireable features are shared across most apps. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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I believe they are working on a better way to view suggestions and what is being worked on but that doesn’t stand high on the priority list.

Other than that, when people post suggestions they usually add a mention or screenshot from other notetaking apps to clarify their suggestions.

I don’t think Anytype needs a checklist of features from other apps to add. Anytype does their own thing more or less.

Also, what is interesting for you might not be interesting for me or the other way around.

@qualquertipo I also like talking about other software for the purpose of taking inspiration from them to make AnyType even better!
I also wrote something similar about this.

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Yes, they are!

Yes they do. Though I’m suggesting a more structured/specific type of thing.

Definitely. But that goes for any suggestion/request in the forums.

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