Create new object types on the fly while typing

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I wrote this in my first impressions post, and I cite from the post:

TLDR: Quickly create new object types while typing.

Describe the solution you’d like
When using the forward slash and typing in a type that does not exists, it proposes to create that type. Kind of like new relations

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I can always change a type afterwards, but it creates friction with the need to go back and edit something, especially while creating multiple objects of one or more types. I would like to avoid to click in on multiple objects and change the type.

Additional context
Nothing I can think of right now.


Useful feature. Even if not in the / menu, it could be great even if it is added to the type selection list in the new object. So /objectname to create a new object, once the newly created object is opened, entering an unavailable type name in the type selection list could present an option to create one. Because types are usually applied to a whole object and not a block level operation, it would make sense to add this in the type list of the new object than the / menu