Can you link notes directly to each other the way you can in Obsidian, Loqseq, or Roam?

I see that notes can be linked via objects, but not via text links directly to other notes. I’ve found this feature invaluable in applications like Obsidian. Am I missing something?

This may be a feature request.

Hey @jim1, you can link Objects in two main ways:

  1. @mention another Object to add an inline hyperlink
  2. Create a Block link to Object
  3. Link via Relations

Each of these options creates a link between the Objects that you can click to navigate to the linked Object AND a link between the Objects is created in the Graph.


A good thing to know that all the ways to link an object as sambouwer describes is a one way link. They are not bi-directional links like in Obsidian, so the page you are linking too doesn’t have an indication of that linked page.

But bi-directional links are or have been on the roadmap for Anytype.


With this button, you should be able to see, which object links to your current object.


Wauw I totally forgot about that button! Thanks! You learn something new everyday. :wink:


But the user can’t do anything with that except view it, right?

This FR suggests having a built-in relation for all objects, containing all other objects that link to it.

That’s right. It’s the only way to see that right now.

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