Better access to Settings for Account and Space

It’s something I’ve always found annoying but never taken the time to request because it remains a detail. But a tedious detail :smile:.

Access to setting is not smooth (at least for me)

In Anytype menu → Settings : Space is before Account.
But the logic is that the account is above the spaces, so logically at the top of the menu.
Nothing dramatic, but it causes me to hesitate every time (my reflex being to click on the top for the account).

And when I go to the wrong settings menu, I have to close it and go to the other one. It would be really handy to have a single settings menu!
The arrival of multi-spaces may complicate things slightly, but not that much, since the settings are all on one page.


Change the order to the “logical” order in the menu.
Small thing but a great gain in serenity :grin:

Create an unique Settings menu
Add item in the left menu of Settings for each space (or a listbox?)
It will also help by allowing you to manage ALL your spaces without having to open them one by one!

Bonus : add a link “settings” in the Space list, with the right clic on a space
Actually, this menu propose only to Delete. A menu with only one option is always a shame, so why not take the opportunity to add Settings (and other options one day, such as export, etc)?

And of course, I always hate you (I’m kidding, of course. Partly :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) each time I navigate between the spaces because in the menu they are never in the same place!
The subject is different and a ticket has already been opened, but we might as well point out that .