Anytype Android repository is open for contributions

Hello there! We are thrilled to announce that from now on our repository is open for contributions :heart: :technologist: Thank you for your desire to develop Anytype together! :handshake:



What is the best practice for bug and FR ?

  • Post any new bug/FR : here or/and on Github ?
  • if I want to contribute by working on a bug/FR quoted here, I open an equivalent ticket on Github?

And not being a Github expert (solo use, or private Git outside Github), I also need to learn how to use all this to help without getting in the way (PR Git, link to tickets,…): if anyone has a tutorial, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Hey @Shampra, thanks for reaching out. Yes, we want our contributors to post directly on Github.

You could start with this guide:

Let us know if it was useful for you and don’t hesitate to ask further questions.

Anytype Android Team :heart:

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Thanks @eugene .

A suggestion : Make only one page
Because is not the same than (the version I read before posting).
Even though it’s pretty much the same thing, I started out doubting whether I’d read it properly :sweat_smile:.
(and in fact, I read the part about pull requests too quickly)

So, we can pull request directly? Pehaps after creating the bug/FR ticket?
I think I have to test to create one to learn :slight_smile: .

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Yes, play around and then you should be able to open a pull request directly. Thanks for joining us!

We’ve just opened discussions. Come and join us!

Should we keep using the bug reports category here in the forum in parallel with GitHub? Will one of them eventually go away?
Feel free to answer my questions in How to File a Bug Report so more people can see your answers/clarification.


Hello AnyType Team,

I am keen on contributing to the Android part of the AnyType project. I have already forked the project, configured, and downloaded all the necessary dependencies. The app has been successfully executed on my phone. However, I am interested in making a specific contribution, but I am encountering an issue where my commit is not accepted because it requires an issue name and an ID. Could you please guide me on how to obtain this issue ID so that I can proceed with the contribution from my fork?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

Hi @andyromerodev and welcome to the Community

Can you share the link here please?

Simply ignore that using git --no-verify flag :slightly_smiling_face:
This is only used by the team for convenience purposes for internal development processes


thanks, I was able to commit and push

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