Anytype Android 0.23.16 released

Greetings, Anytype Community!

In the last release (0.23.x) the major update was a new onboarding flow for users creating accounts on Android for the first time. Our team has been hard at work to bring you a smoother experience and fix various issues. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from this patch:


  • Fix: We’ve resolved the problem with incorrect click handling in the object type toolbar. Now, you won’t accidentally enter multi-select mode.
  • Fix: The issue of not having empty space at the bottom of the page, which prevented the creation of new text blocks, has been fixed.

Sets or Collections:

  • Fix: Drag-and-dropping view’s relations now works flawlessly, ensuring they are placed accurately within the list.


  • Enhancement: Closing the global-search screen will no longer force a return to the home screen, offering a more seamless search experience.
  • Fix: We’ve implemented a hot-fix for corner cases where the same object would open twice due to navigation through global search.


  • Stability: We’ve addressed and resolved crashes that occurred in version 0.23.14 by using try/catch sentry mechanisms.

:gem: You can find the download for this release on our website or — from now on :tada: — on GitHub.

:heart: Thank you for being part of our vibrant Anytype Community, and we appreciate your ongoing support. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please let us know so we can continue improving Anytype together.

:technologist: You can find all the details on how to get involved and contribute by visiting our CONTRIBUTE page.

Happy organizing and creating!

Best regards,
The Anytype Team


Editor | Fix | There is no empty space at the bottom of the page filled with content - no possibility to create a new text block. Thanks for this especially

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