Anytype Android 0.24.4 released

Happy mid-August, Anytypers!

This month, we’ve focused on delivering some serious upgrades to your templates workflows on Android, in addition to a few polishes and fixes. Let’s go!


— Templates can now be previewed & selected from sets

Upon opening any set or collection, you’ll find that the ‘New’ button to create objects now has a new toggle button on its right. By tapping on this toggle, you’ll open a menu which displays previews of all templates that you’ve created for this type (default app type in case of Collections).

From here, you can select the template you wish to proceed with (including a ‘blank’ template).

— Introduction of Blank Template

If you ever wished you could bypass automatic template application when creating objects, a ‘blank’ template has now been added to all types, with the exception of Type: Note.

When creating a new object from the + button, the blank template is applied by default. If you would like to switch templates, tap ‘Done’ and you’ll see a popup with the option to display and select which template you would like to apply to this object.

— Introduction of Recently Edited widget

Previously you had the option of ‘Recents’ as a widget, which displayed recently opened objects on your device, and was not synced to other devices. Now, you can choose between ‘Recently Opened’ if you’re fine with the current functionality, or alternatively, you can choose ‘Recently Edited’ as a widget source. Note that only the latter option will be synced cross-device due to the distributed nature of the application.

Happy organizing and creating!

Best regards,
The Anytype Team :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Awesome stuff! Any estimate on when board views are coming to mobile?


When can we expect localization support?

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Fix custom keyboards please :cry:
Now have to write down things in Google Keep then copy to Anytype. Inconvenient af.


It’s currently on hold. More votes would probably make the team reconsider the status of it.

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I have a relation based set, so the templates of the object I need to create don’t appear with the set’s new button. What I used to do was to create a new object via the “new” (+) button at the bottom right of the app, but now I don’t get the choice to apply any template. So, basically, I ve lost the ability to use my templates on Android. Any advice or any way to fix it? It was essential to my workflow :pensive:

Most likely in release 0.26.0. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Diego, thank you for the feedback.

We are continuing our work on Templates, and in the upcoming release 0.25.0, a more convenient functionality will be introduced.

Let me describe how you can work with Templates in the latest version 0.24.5: If you have “Set by Relations (not by Type),” then we encounter two scenarios:

  1. If your default application type (which you can change in Personal Space - Personalization) does not have any Templates, clicking the “New” button will utilize this default type. An object of this type will be created and added to the Set.
  2. If your default application type has one or more Templates: in this case, the “New” button will have a toggle. Clicking on it will reveal a menu containing all the Templates associated with this type, along with a “Blank Template” option. Clicking to create an object will apply the selected Template and add the object to the Set.

You mentioned that you create objects by clicking the “+” button in the bottom corner. It’s assumed that this button generates an object of the default type, which is not directly linked to the Set/Collection. If you press the “Done” button within this object, a menu will appear suggesting you choose Templates for that object (if they are available). Hence, I suggest working directly with the “New” button when dealing with Sets/Collections.



We’ve fixed the autocorrection, it will already be in the next release 0.25.0. As for custom keyboards and suggestions, we’ll try to fix them as soon as possible.

just checked, autocorrect and suggest works on Yandex keyboard

Thanks, @konstantiniiv . Will try.

I’m also having issues on one of my phones. [ moto pure] newer model than my moto play 2021 but can’t get it the app to work either. Once I redownload it opens just fine but if I try to go back into the app or leave it open it doesn’t allow me back in. No matter how many times I try it.