Anytype - 0.32.3 -> Fusion of Notion & Obsidian into one System

Hi everyone,

I have been the progress on anytype since the beginning, but couldn’t switch before. As mentioned in the title, I have been a Notion and later Obsidian power user. Since the beta start, I’m slowly starting to transfer everything over to Anytype and trying to recreate my templates and pages… which are all about showing everything I need to see and know from a certain perspective.

About my background. I was an educator (uni and public school) as well as IT-Consultant / Trainer for the Department of Education.

In my little show-case I would like to show you some workflows and adaptations on knowledge management philosophies.

  1. Dashboard and setup

  2. Projects
    Projects and Area have on common Object, but differentiated my a tag

  1. Area

  2. Resources
    Still a work in progress and the biggest job ahead due to sheer number of files and information

Anytype Objects

I created a few objects which I use heavily.

So far I am really happy with that setup and I looking forward to seeing more improvements on features.
Things I still need to be more effective are:

  • Roll ups etc
  • Automations
  • Apple Shortcuts integration <3
  • Batch-editing

if you have any question, I go ahead :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

Update: 4. Resources

CleanShot 2023-09-18 at 21.51.00

Every part is integrated and connected to the parts of my setup.


Pages usually have the same setup, here is an example:

with self-referential inline sets:

Filter by:

  • Tag
  • Bookmarks
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Library (books)
    CleanShot 2023-09-18 at 22.11.26

Ooh-er guv’nor, as they used to say where I came from. That’s an impressive setup. Thanks for sharing.

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Do you mind going a bit more into detail how are all of these set up? I tried creating something similar, but way too many things still need to be done manually that I gave up.

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Which part peeks you interest? I’ll explain it then in detail :slight_smile:

How do you link stuff to projects / areas, and how to you then preview them from those same projects / areas?


I will go into detail on how I integrated PARA into Anytype.
Let’s start first with the project object:

I use on template for projects and areas, which are only differentiated by a tag. The template includes inline sets (Tasks, MeetingNotes, documents and notes) with filters.

In my favourites, you’ll see 3 sets which are set up the following way:

In almost every object or template, I have Tag, contacts, projects as relation, which are the querried the correct setting.

I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:
have a good one!


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I am new and have not had a chance to really delve into anytype, but your set up is inspiring (even if I do not fully understand it). :grinning:

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Hehe - thank you.

Just go ahead and ask questions :slight_smile:

Impressive, very nice set-up, and, it seems, all your important data within easy reach.

I have not been able to wrap my head fully around Anytype. I am still used to conventional note-taking apps, such as Obsidian where I don’t use the Dataview plug-in. Anytype requires a different mindset from e.g. Obsidian and I find that a challenge.

Anyway, no questions, just a thumbs up :+1:

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I did follow you but i couldn’t see notes and tasks when I went out and came back in. can you show me detail

I’ll come back to you tomorrow…

Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

I try to find out where the issue is…

My object is project and I have set which querries for “projects”

Thank you very much, I did understand. Have a nice day!


hello, could you share your experience to use collections and sets? and should I create two this opts with one type: 1 (set) - library 1(collection) - library to appear those books when I show in Graph. BTW, sorry I am not good at English :Vvv

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Sure… I usually only use sets.

Since I, as far as I know, can’t query I a collection.

I created objects for my most common information types, e.g projects, trainings, teaching, law

Pages are for me, information and topic overviews and documents basic more or less finished stuff.
Notes - just notes

thank you so much. I am a newbie and I still have lots of to learn. And I am happy when I have learned form you or other people

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Do you mind expanding on this a bit? What exactly do you mean by this?

Sure thing :slight_smile: - love to share my stuff

Usually I have databases which show pages, documents etc… I would love to have a “collection” with everything with tag “PKM” for example.