Allow sticky table of contents block (for quickly navigating between page sections)


If you set a page layout to full width, place a narrow table of contents block to the left and the rest of the content to the right (two-column-layout) it would be great to be able to set the table of contents block to sticky, so that it stays on top if you scroll down the page.

Good idea! It would be nice not have to scroll back to the top constantly.

Another way to implement this would be to add a new widget for the TOC / outline of the currently opened object.

@Filip yes, thought about that too.
Even better and maybe the best solution:

  1. Make the ‘Recent’-Widget appear as a Tree View.
  2. If you toggle the page item not only show sub pages but also include the table of contents

My originally proposed solution would require a rewrite of the block logic as the .layout-column block isn’t a direct child of the page which has the scrollbar attached and therefore a position: sticky wouldn’t apply.

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I have always loved the way Dropbox Paper shows the TOC.

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Yes, this is what I initially thought of.
But as I like to have the sidebar fixed, the table of contents would even take away more width of the main content.
Maybe it would be best to let the users decide which variant they like.
I guess that I’d personally choose the solution inside the sidebar/widget.

This would be great, but actually it would be cool to be able to define a section of the page that is sticky, so that it’s not just the table of contents. For example, I’d love to have some relations (in the canvas) that are sticky, so they are visible at all times.