Add Panel between Sidebar and Object

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
As indicated in several requests, many alpha users have the desire to see more content on the same screen. I would like to allow users to toggle an additional panel between the sidebar and the Object.

Describe the solution you’d like
The two views that are currently opening in a separate window should be available in the new panel, to be placed between the Object and the sidebar.

  • Navigation with (back)links
  • Graph view

Additional requests

  • Each view can be shown/hidden individually, sharing the vertical space that is available.
  • The panel should be resizable like the sidebar.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Additional context
See the following feature requests that could be incorporated in this new panel:

This request is kind of the inverse of my other request:

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I think it makes more sense to implement a complete multi-panel framework, that way users can have as many panels as they need, positioned however they need.

I mention this here (note the OP there is about multiple windows,.but I’m talking about multiple panels):


@qualquertipo I’m torn between the flexibility such a multi-panel framework could offer and the hassle it would bring to configure and keep in a state that is relevant in the moment. It might help if we allow for these main Panel Types (please comment if you can think of any others):

  1. Navigation Panel (like the sidebar, search bar, graph)
  2. Metadata Panel (a bit like suggested here: a panel showing Relations of the opened Object)
  3. Content Panel (Canvas, Page, whatever we want to call it. The place where you add your block to fill Anytype with interesting stuff!)

If multiple Panels could be grouped like is requested here as multiple instances, I would then personally always have one or more Panel Groups/Anytype Instances open with one of each Panel Types so I always can navigate between multiple locations and Objects without the need to switch context all the time.

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