Add a relation - and then see all linked objects? A way to create a "collection" so to speak?

I would like to create objects - and then add something (relation?) and have all the objects with that specific relation show in a single place. Basically - I want to add something to multiple objects to easily create a “collection” that I can then view easily. Is that possible?

An Example of what I’m wanting might help clarify:
I have a set of recipes.
I have another object type: “Menu Plan”. And then individual objects, “Menu Plan - May 2022”.

I want to be able to add the relation “Menu Plan - May 2022” to several recipes (which I have figured out how to do) and then view those recipes on one page. Is this possible?
As it is now - the recipe shows itself as linking the “Menu”… but the “Menu” doesn’t show the recipe… which is not very helpful for this use case.

I think what I’m asking may be similar to the feature request here: Built-in relations showing linked objects. so… not yet possible? Or is there a trick I’m missing?

I think that sets based on a Relation rather then Object Type will be coming to Anytype! No timeline when but I believe I have red that it is on their feature list.

At this moment I don’t have a link or screenshot from the source sadly.

This is an important feature for me, and something that fits the model of primary key / foriegn key in a conventional database paradigm. Having the ability to show a “dynamic set” where all entries in the set reference the “current object” is a requirement for me to build any kind of useful database.

For example, right now I am building a task tracker, where tasks relate to Projects. I want each Project to show its related Tasks, but I don’t want to have to set up custom Sets for each Project.

I’m not quite sure how this fits into the Anytype paradigm, but I sure hope it fits somehow.