Ability to prevent markdown symbols from changing formatting


The Problem
Currently, there is no way to prevent/escape text being recognized as markdown, and having its formatting respectively changed.
If, for example, the user would like a block of text to begin with “#,” it will automatically be converted into a heading.

The Solution
Ideal solutions:

  1. Have an escape character (e.g. \), that, when placed before a string of text (e.g. beginning with ** or #), will ensure that proceeding text does not have its formatting changed.
  2. When text has its formatting changed (as markdown is recognized), revert to original text if the user presses CTRL + Z (an example of this functionality can be found on witeboard.com).

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m currently having problem dealing with inline formating (*,_, ~~). Sometime I have to write a documentation with underscores and asterisk in it like for example I would type “sm_data_init” in which anytype would remove the underscore and italize the word “data” which is not my intention.

Describe the solution you’d like
I hope there would an option to choose whether to use inline formating or an escape syntax similar to markdown like backslash(\)

Additional context
My only workaround here is to use the Android version of anytype since it seems that it doesn’t recognize inline formatting symbols


Hey, I’m merging your post with this one, as it seems you are requesting the same feature: