Why can't we upload a photo for a type icon?

It seems that only emojis can be added as a “profile” photo for a type. Why this restriction? Why not allow any image to be uploaded instead like for normal object creation?

Hi @danijelcamdzic, do you mean the actual Object Type as listed in the Library? That indeed seems to be limited to the emojis that AnyType supports. For Objects themselves with Layout set to Profile you should be able to upload an image as icon (but there you cannot select an emoji :man_facepalming:)

Edit: linking some related Feature Request:

It seems your specific question (which might be based on a need?) is not yet raised on the forum. Would you be willing to create a feature request for this?

Thanks for the answer! I will create a feature request for it since I find it weird how it is now:

  • In the object library you can only select emojis for types
  • For actual objects of layout “basic” you can choose both emoji and custom image
  • For actual objects of layout “profile” you can choose only the custom image

EDIT: This is the feature request Make object icon setting uniform across Anytype

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